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Last Painter Standing II Painting Contest Entries

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jjpens77's Contest Entry

jjpens77's Qualifications

Long-time lurker on this site...guess it was time to come out! Always passed on the great information that I found to other folks and posted them up on other boards that I frequented.

I've been painting minis for only about 3 years now. Mainly Classic Battletech miniatures, but have expanded beyond mecha to include other lines - i.e. Warmachine, Reaper, WarGods, etc. This has given me some great insight into my painting technique, which I like to refer to as "paint-fusion" where I combine traditional military-style drybrushing with layering, blending, glazing, etc. that is much more used on non-mecha minis. Every year I strive to learn some different techniques/styles, and this contest would be a great opportunity to try some of these techniques and share them with the rest of the community.

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