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Last Painter Standing II Painting Contest Entries

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AJquest's Contest Entry

AJquest's Qualifications

I normally don't like to enter contests, but this one is about Battletech. I've been a long-time player enthusiast of the Battletech universe, having almost all the novels, source books and over 300 Battletech minatures. Been a long-time supporter, contributor of Battletech since 1989 and, some know me as AJ "AW0L" Acuesta from the Lords Of The Battlefield. Battletech is where I frist got my feet wet in miniature painting and gaming - I've even painted for the Battletech Miniature Rule Book (10981).

My entry peice I actually did while at Socal Gencon 2005 at the Paint-N-Take booth. Using only what supplies they gave me (free minature, crappy #3 brush, water, paper towel, paper plate, and whatever paint they had around me), I was able to whip out this minature in about 2 hours at the table.

Entry Photo
Entry photo