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Simian Legion Painting Contest Entries

This page lists one of the Contest entries.

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Paintbeast's Contest Entry

Why You Should Vote For Me

Top 10 Reasons to Vote Paintbeast:

10 - I started from number one and worked backwards.

9 - By the time you finish reading these you will want to take pity on me.

8 - I'll whine if you don't.

7 - Bob said so.

6 - It will give me a reason to finally paint my Simian Warband.

5 - I've never said anything nasty about you...probably.

4 - Remember that guy in Highschool that was fun to hang out with but your parents hated? That was me.

3 - I paint and eat ice cream at the same time.

2 - I might actually finish the project.

The #1 reason you should vote Paintbeast....

You already wasted your time reading all this rubbish - you might as well vote.

Painting Sample
Rafm Tsuthoggua figure

Rafm Tsuthoggua figure - or, as my players call him, Cat-Toad the Mystic Hermit.