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Iron Wind 700 Scenario Design Contest

This page lists all of the entries received for the Iron Wind 700 contest, starting with the most recent entry submitted. Click on the member's name to see the full entry. (8 entries)

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The Rules

BattleTech model from Iron Wind

The basic idea is pretty simple - some scenarios are designed, the readers of TMP pick their favorites (through several rounds of voting), and then big prizes are awarded!

Ninja from Iron Wind

The Requirements

Here is what is required for each entry:

  • Each entry must include a complete scenario for a tabletop miniatures game
  • The scenario must make use exclusively of figures produced by Iron Wind Metals. (Conversions of Iron Wind models are OK, as long as all of the elements originated as Iron Wind figures or from scratch.)
  • Scenario must include a title, list of forces, map, game length, victory conditions, and any other information needed for play
  • Scenario must include a small piece of fiction as an introduction (500 words minimum)
  • Scenario must also include a list of miniatures to be used (including catalog numbers)
  • The scenario must use a published ruleset (internet publication is OK). Any special rules needed for the scenario must be included.
  • All scenarios must be one-part scenarios (no linked scenarios or campaign rules).
  • Only one entry per person. All entries must be your own work. The scenarios must be original (never before published).
Undead cavalry from Iron Wind

In case of questions involving the rules, the Editor's decision is final. The Editor reserves the right to modify or add to the contest rules if occasion requires. All entries become the property of TMP. Scenarios will be published at TMP for the contest, then later published in the Scenarios section of this website.

Old West figures from Iron Wind

The Deadline

Vyrlix, Ancient War Dragon

All entries must be received by midnight, Pacific Standard Time, Thursday, June 17th, 2004.

Email entries to the Editor at Graphics should be sent as attachments, rather than embedded in a text file. The document should be in plain text or a popular word-processor format (not HTML). Remember to include your TMP membername.

Crimson Skies model from Iron Wind

The Prizes

Now you get to learn why it's called the Iron Wind 700 scenario design contest. That's because there are $700 USD in total prizes!

Shadowrun model from Iron Wind

Iron Wind Metals, one of the world's major miniatures companies, is providing gift certificates for the contest:

  • The 10 Finalists will each receive a $25 USD gift certificate (unless they win a higher prize).
  • The Fifth Place winner receives a $50 USD certificate.
  • The Fourth Place winner receives a $75 USD certificate.
  • The Third Place winner receives a $100 USD certificate.
  • The Second Place winner receives a $150 USD certificate.
  • The First Place winner receives a $200 USD certificate.

Ladies and gentlemen, think what you could do with $200 USD worth of miniatures!