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The Mexican War

Otis A. Singletary
In Print
University of Chicago Press (1960)

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The Mexican War

196 pages. Digest size. Six maps, seven black-and-white illustrations, index.

All in all, this is the best short account of the Mexican War yet written.

– T. Harry Williams, The Journal of Modern History

This is a brief, highly readable, accademic history of the Mexican-American War.

Table of Contents

I. The Coming of the War
II. The Invasion of Northern Mexico
III. Thrust to the Pacific
IV. To the City of Mexico
V. Politicians and Generals
VI. The Hidden War
VII. The Diplomacy of War
Important Dates
Suggested Reading

The author begins with a chronological account of the war, then circles back to cover the personalities and politics, the conflicts between regular soldiers and volunteers, and the curious way in which the peace was negotiated. It focuses on the commanders and the campaigns, with a brief discussion of each battle.

Some of the comments about the difference between trained professional soldiers and ill-disciplined volunteers are applicable even today.

This book was once commonly found in college classrooms, so you might get lucky and find a serviceable used copy. It is currently (2022) listed as out of stock at Amazon, but is available from the publisher if you're willing to pay that price.

If you're looking to get into this wargaming period, there's not a better introduction. Highly recommended.

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