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Graeme Davis
In Print
Osprey Publishing (2013)

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Viking God of Thunder

Rating: gold star gold star gold star gold star gold star no star no star no star no star no star (4.50)

80 pages. Black-and-white and color illustrations throughout. Author note, illustrator note, contents, introduction, glossary, bibliography.

This book is part of the Myths and Legends series from the Osprey Adventures imprint.

Perhaps you learned about Thor from the recent superhero movies, and now want to know more about the god from Viking mythology? This quick-reading book sets out to clue you in. The introduction provides a brief introduction to Viking mythology in general, and then the majority of the book relates the legends of Thor. The book is heavily illustrated with artwork commissioned for this book, artwork from other titles by the publisher, art in the common domain, photos of statues and carvings, and a few sketches.

One chapter explains Thor in a historical context: origins of the legends, what is known about Viking forms of worship, and Thor reflected in Christianity and folklore.

The final chapter covers Thor in modern culture, from reawakened interest in the 19th Century, Thor and the Nazis, neopaganism, and the comic books.

The author does a good job of covering the material in a readable manner. The plentiful artwork is enjoyable, including art unique to this book from illustrator Miguel Coimbra. Available in paperback and eBook formats.

This book is a useful introduction to someone just getting into Viking mythology, or wanting to know a little more about where the superhero came from.

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