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This page allows you to search the forum. There are three types of search available:

  1. titles - search for a word or phrase in a topic heading
  2. content - search for a word or phrase within a topic's messages (posts)
  3. authors - search for topics which contain posts by a specific reader

New Search

Enter the term you want to find in a message, and press Search.

Search Type:

Case sensitive?

The topic search will find all topics which have the exact term or phrase you enter. For instance, if you enter Greek, the search will locate all topics which have "Greek" in the heading. If you enter Greek Hoplite, the search will return all topics which have the phrase "Greek Hoplite".

Check the Case sensitive? box if you are searching for a specific capitalization. For example, if you check the box and search for LotR, you will find only those topics in which "LotR" was capitalized in precisely that manner.

The search routine will return a maximum of 100 items per page.

Advanced searching syntax is available for Supporting Members.

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