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Seanny Crow13 Aug 2019 3:38 a.m. PST

Hi guys,

After a long absence in these parts I've decided to dust off my Slammer's 15mm and start playing again.
Before I had to stop because of work and my band I had started to compile a list of planets in the novels.
It's pretty advanced but not finished, I'm in the process of adding the missing ones and the ones from the other Slammerverse novels (Cross the stars and Voyage) as well as those in the Slammers RPG from Mongoose Pub.

All right, the list is composed of the name of the planet, then separated by commas every info on the planet that I could gleam or infer from the novels.

When an information is follow by a question mark it means it's an inference/assumption on my part.

The items are:

climate: The prevailing climate of the planet or at least the area/time in which the novel is taking place.
ressource: The main exports/ressources of that planet, which will often be the source of conflict on that planet. When it's "high/industrial" it means an advanced planet that doesn't have a ressource that can be singled out, for example New Friesland.
origin: The main ethnic origin/origins of the colonist of that planet.
campaign: The Slammers campaign on that planet, with the opponents separated by "vs.", the first one always being the oponent the Slammers are fighting for, when an oponent is followed by another name in parentheses, it's a merc company they hired, for example "Government vs. Densonites (Foster's)" for Thrush ("The Butcher's Bill")
period: The place in the Slammers timeline of the novel, expressed in relation to the other novels (before X, after Y) with the clues that lead to that placing.
referenced in: The novel where that particular planet is referenced in.
places of interest: Towns or battle sites referenced in the novel.

All right, there goes the list, I'll add to it as soon as I can:

Terra and the Sol system.

Curwin, climate: temperate?, ressource: agricultural, campaign: Costal Cartel vs. Rebels, period: before "Cultural Conflict" & "Hangman", referenced in: "Under the Hammer".
Scania, origin: Scandinavian?, referenced in: "Under the Hammer".
Felsen, origin: Scandinavian?, referenced in: "Under the Hammer".
Burlage, climate: cold, ressource: quarries, origin: Francophone/English?, referenced in: "Under the Hammer".

Emporion, climate: desert, campaign: Monarchists vs. ?, period: before "The Butcher's Bill" & "Hangman", referenced in: "The Butcher's Bill".
Dunstan, climate: temperate, ressource: agricultural, referenced in: "The Butcher's Bill".
Thrush, climate: temperate, ressource: alien artifacts, campaign: Government vs. Densonites (Foster's), period: before "Hangman", referenced in: "The Butcher's Bill", places of interest: Star Plain, Starhome, Hamper Shrine.
Kalinga IV, origin: Hamper aliens, referenced in: "The Butcher's Bill".
Hagener, ressource: high/industrial, referenced in: "The Butcher's Bill".
Weststar, ressource: high/industrial, origin: Hindi & Scots, referenced in: "The Butcher's Bill", places of interest: Ongole.
Mirage, ressource: high/industrial, referenced in: "The Butcher's Bill".
Jackson's Glade, ressource: high/industrial, referenced in: "The Butcher's Bill".

Melpomone, climate: temperate, ressource: agricultural, campaign: Friesland vs. rebels, period: birth of Slammer's, referenced in: "But Loyal to His Own", places of interest: Southport, Chakma.
Taunus, ressource: mining, referenced in: "But Loyal to His Own"
Newland, ressource: high colony, origin: English?, referenced in: "But Loyal to His Own".

Neuw Friesland, ressource: high colony, origin: Dutch, campaign: Councillor Theismann vs. President Van Vorn (Iron Guards), period: End of Slammer's, referenced in: "But Loyal to His Own" and "Standing Down", places of interest: Landfall City (capital) Church of the First Landfall, Hotel Zant, Groningen Academy, Cosimo Barrack , Maritschoon, Kronburg, Government House, Quetzal Point, groups: Karob Trading (Stilchey Family), Social Unity Party; Units: Iron Guards, Guards of the Republic; Royal Houses: Tromp, Rysslers, van Vorn, Brederode, Herscholdt
Borgo, ressource: mining (penitentiary), referenced in: "Standing Down".

Pohweil, climate: forested, ressource: agricultural (coton), campaign: Farm Bloc vs. Trade Cartel (Gorgon Mercenaries?), period: before "Hangman", referenced in: "Caught In The Crossfire", places of interest: Base Denzil.

Hiroseke, ressource: high colony, origin: Japanese, referenced in: "Backdrop to Chaos".
Stewart, ressource: high colony, origin: Scottish, referenced in: "Backdrop to Chaos".
Monument, ressource: high colony, origin: Corporate?, referenced in: "Backdrop to Chaos".
Kronstad, ressource: high colony, origin: German?, referenced in: "Backdrop to Chaos".
Ssu-ma, ressource: high colony, origin: Chinese?, referenced in: "Backdrop to Chaos".
Wylie, ressource: high colony, origin: American?, referenced in: "Backdrop to Chaos".
Kalan, ressource: mining, origin: Japs & Scots, referenced in: "Backdrop to Chaos".
Ramadan, origin: Sikhs & Muslims, referenced in: "Backdrop to Chaos".
Portales, ressource: agricultural, origin: Hispanic?, referenced in: "Backdrop to Chaos".

The seven worlds of the Gorgon Cluster, ressource: high colonies, referenced in: "Powerguns".

Squire's World, climate: jungle, campaign: government vs. Federation, period: after "Under the Hammer" and three years before "Hangman" and before "CODE-NAME FEIREFITZ", referenced in: "Cultural Conflict", places of interest: Firebase Bolo, Johnstown.

Dalhousie, part of Barnard Confederation , referenced in: "The Bonding Authority".
Montauk, part of Barnard Confederation, referenced in: "The Bonding Authority".
The Aldoni System, referenced in: "The Bonding Authority".
Paley, referenced in: "The Bonding Authority".

Kobold, climate: cold, ressource: mining, origin: Dutch and Francophone, campaign: Dutch Settlers vs. Francophone Settlers a.k.a. "skepsels" (Compagnie De Barthe, Phenix Moirots, Alaudae), period: after "Under the Hammer", "Cultural Conflict", "The Butcher's Bill", before "Standing Down", referenced in: "Hangman", places of interest: Midi(capital), Haacin, Portela, Dimo, Bitzen, Bever, Harfleur.
Zemla System, referenced in: "Hangman"
Aurore, ressource: high colony, origin: Francophone, referenced in: "Hangman"

Dar al-B'heed, climate: desert, ressource: mining, campaign: Arab government vs. Khabyle rebels, period: after "Cultural Conflict", before "Standing Down", referenced in: "CODE-NAME FEIREFITZ, places of interest: al-Madinah(capital), Ain Chelia, The Bordj.
Sphakteria, referenced in: "CODE-NAME FEIREFITZ"
Planets of the al-Ittihad al-Arabi, referenced in: "CODE-NAME FEIREFITZ"

York, climate: jungle, ressource: pharmaceuticals, campaign: Government vs. Rebels drug collectors a.k.a. "Sap-cutters", period: no reference (after Kanarese), referenced in: "The Interrogation Team", places of interest: Thomasville.
Kanarese, period: before "The Interrogation Team", referenced in: "The Interrogation Team"

Kerwi (Unnamed Medieval Planet), climate: temperate, ressource: beer, campaign: Kingdom of Marshall vs. Kingdom of Ganz (ThunderBolt Division), period: no references, referenced in: "The Tank Lords".

Primavera, campaign: Federalists vs. ?, period: before "Liberty Port", referenced in: "Liberty Port"
Liberty, campaign: Placidan government (Division Légère,) vs. Armstrong, period: no references, referenced in: "Liberty Port", places of interest: Paradise Port, Kettering
Quitly's Planet, climate: jungle, referenced in: "Liberty Port"
Sparrow-home, referenced in: "Liberty Port"
Ketelby, (non slammer campaign: Guardforce O'Higgins vs ?), referenced in: "Liberty Port"

Sulewesi, climate: desert, origin: Malays, campaign: Sulewesi government vs. Rebel Concil (Zaporoskyie Regiment, Brazilian Mercenaries), period: no references, referenced in: "Night March", places of interest: Scepter Base, Trident Base, Knoll 45/13.

Ambiorix, climate: temperate, ressource: mining (anti aging drug precursors), origin: French (Occitans), campaign: Government vs. Mosite rebels (Company of Death), period: no references, referenced in "The Immovable Object", places of interest: Brione, Carcassonne, Pamiers, Twill, Lascade, Marcelline Ridge, Ariege, Boukasset, Shrine of the Blessed Catherine.
Beresford, campaign: Dictator vs. Planetary Democracy, period: no references, referenced in "The Immovable Object"
Semiramis Cluster, ressource: high/industrial colonies (anti aging drugs), referenced in "The Immovable Object".
Spruill, origin: Irish ?(Macauleys), referenced in "The Immovable Object"

Oltenia, climate: temperate, ressource: industrial (monocrystal filaments) / agricultural (ranches: beef), origin: Romanians, campaign: Oltenian Humans a.k.a. "Poofs" vs. Molts, period: after "The Butcher Bill" (Emporion is mentionned), after "Hangman" (Pritchard is ADC), referenced in: "At Any Price", places of interest: Belvedere (capital).

Bamberia, climate: temperate (wet), ressource: tobacco, origin: Germans/Latin Americans/Levantine Muslims, campaign: Christian Government (United Defense Batteries) vs. Muslims (Continent Two) / Government vs. Religious Rioters, period: after "Cultural Conflict" and "CODE-NAME FEIREFITZ", referenced in: "Counting The Cost", places of interest: Bamberg City, Palace of Government, House of Grace, City Offices, Nevis Island Spaceport, Nevis Channel, Pink River, Continent Two,
Miesel, climate: desert (dry), origin: Tex/Mex? (jalapeño jelly), referenced in: "Counting The Cost".
Cachalot, climate: water planet ?, ressource: whaling (scrimshaw), origin: French?, campaign: ? / urban fighting (house-to-house), referenced in: "Counting The Cost".
Merrinet, referenced in: "Counting The Cost".
Hager's World, (non slammer campaign: Federals (UDC) vs ?), referenced in: "Counting The Cost".
Shinano, (non slammer campaign: (UDC) vs ?), referenced in: "Counting The Cost".
Cartagena, campaign: ? vs. ?, referenced in: "Counting The Cost".

Prosperity, climate: tropical?, ressource: industrial?, origin: Asians, campaign: National Government a.k.a. "Yokels" vs. Conservative Action Movement Guerrillas a.k.a. "Consies" (Terran Enclave), period: after "Hangman" (Pritchard is XO), after "Counting the Cost" (Pritchard is XO), referenced in: "Rolling Hot", places of interest: Camp Progress, Happy Days, Camp Victory, Firebase Red, Firebase Blue, Firebase Purple, The Strip, Kohang (capital), Terran Government enclaves, Siu Mah, Padma River, Santine River, Adako Creek, Adako Beach, la Reole, Bunduran, Kawana, Chin Peng Rise, Hull Creek, Raider Camp Creek, Sugar Knob, Upper Creek
Esperanza, origin: Filipino, campaign: ?, referenced in: "Rolling Hot".
Gresham (planet or people?), referenced in: "Rolling Hot".

Bailey's World, climate: cold?, ressource: mining?, origin: English?, campaign: Federals vs Republicans, period: no references, referenced in: "The Warrior", places of interest: Hill 541 North, Hill 541 South, Hill 661, Hill 504, Route 7.
New Aberdeen, origin: Scottish, campaign: civil war among the Scottish colonists, period: after Bailey's World, before Western Wing, referenced in: "The Warrior"
Friendship (Western Wing?), climate: tropical, ressource: ?, origin: Han Chinese, Hindi, campaign: Han vs. Hindi (Baffin's Legion), period: after Bailey's World, referenced in: "The Warrior", places of interest: Xingha, Western Wing, Morobad,
Plessy, campaign: Shipyard vs off-planet workers, period: after Western Wing, before Meridienne, referenced in: "The Warrior"
Mainstream, period: before Meridienne, referenced in: "The Warrior"
Meridienne, climate: desert, ressource: ?, origin: Arabs, campaign: Sincanmo Federation vs. The Hashemite Brotherhood (ThunderBolt Division, Broglie's Legion), referenced in: "The Warrior", places of interest: Base Camp Two, The Notch, Knifeblade Escarpment, Sanga (capital?),

Icononzo ("Icky Nose"), origin: Spanish?, campaign: ? vs. ?, referenced in: "The Day of Glory"
Humboldt, origin: German?, campaign: ? vs. ? (Greenwood Archers), referenced in: "The Day of Glory"
Leminkainan, origin: Finnish?, referenced in: "The Day of Glory"
Placidus, origin: Spanish/French?, campaign: Government vs. Northen Federation Rebels a.k.a. "Feds" (Holy Brotherhood of The Flaming Sword), referenced in: "The Day of Glory", places of interest: Quinta County, The Spine, New Carthage (Federation Capital)

Cantilucca, part of the Marvelan Confederacy, climate: hot, ressource: pharmaceuticals (gauge), origin: Hispanic, campaign: FDF vs Astras vs L'Escorial & Marvelan Confederacy vs Delos Cartel(Heliodorus Regiment) , period: "FDF", referenced in: "The Sharp End", places of interest: Potosi (capital), Silva Blanca, Veridad
Marvela, capital of the Marvelan Confederacy, ressource: high colony, origin: Hispanic, referenced in: "The Sharp End"
Delos, part of the Marvelan Confederacy, ressource: gauge cartel, referenced in: "The Sharp End"
Ash, origin: Anglo-Saxon? (Birthplace of Matthew Coke), referenced in: "The Sharp End"
Auerstadt, climate: temperate, origin: German, campaign: National Army vs. Association of Barons , period: "FDF", before Cantilucca, referenced in: "The Sharp End", places of interest: Deiting (capital), Fortress Auerstadt, Parcotch.
Tannahill, climate: tropical, origin: Scottish? and South Idian Muslims, campaign: Brigantian Army vs. Muslim Army, period: "FDF", before Cantilucca, referenced in: "The Sharp End", places of interest: Alpha Continent, Beta Continent, Ambush Junction,
Batavia, origin: Dutch, referenced in: "The Sharp End"
Trinity, origin: French, referenced in: "The Sharp End"
Maedchen, climate: wet & cold, origin: German?, campaign: Central States vs. Democrats, referenced in: "The Sharp End", places of interest: Support Base Bulwark, The Belt, Jungfrau (capital)
Lawler, ressource: high colony, campaign: Junta of Central Province Governors vs. Coastal-Province Oligarchies (Planetary Front), referenced in: "The Sharp End", places of interest: Belair (capital)
Mahgreb, climate: desert, origin: Arabs, campaign: Boumedienne government vs. Kairene Guerrillas, referenced in: "The Sharp End", places of interest: Al Jain (capital), Tagrifah, Kairouan region, Firebase Desmond,
Typer, campaign: Typer Militias vs. ?, referenced in: "The Sharp End"
Wellbegone, referenced in: "The Sharp End"
Mahan, referenced in: "The Sharp End"

Plattner's World, climate: forested, ressource: pharmaceuticals (Moss), origin: Greek, campaign: United Cities vs. Solace (Harris's Commando), period: after "Hangman" (Pritchard is XO), after "Counting the Cost" (Pritchard is XO), referenced in: "Paying The Piper", places of interest: Rhodesville, Benjamin (United Cities' Capital), Outer States, Bezant (Solace's Capital), Youngblood's Vale, Henessey, Arbor Palisades, Northern Star Farm
Nonesuch, ressource: high colony, referenced in: "Paying The Piper"
Sonderby, part of the Southern Cross, referenced in: "Paying The Piper"

mad monkey 113 Aug 2019 5:33 a.m. PST

That's bloody impressive.

Lascaris13 Aug 2019 6:51 a.m. PST

I've never read any of the books in this series but now I may have to do so. :)

Legion 413 Aug 2019 7:15 a.m. PST

Good work !!!! thumbs up

Patrick Sexton Supporting Member of TMP13 Aug 2019 8:43 a.m. PST

Holy ****!

Well done sir.

Shagnasty Supporting Member of TMP13 Aug 2019 9:40 a.m. PST

Very impressive! I've read all the books but couldn't remember any but Neu Friesland.

Covert Walrus13 Aug 2019 9:59 a.m. PST

A fine peice of scholarship and research. And highly useful for players of the Hammers gaem – Not disadventageous to other SF games players either, if I'm honest :)

Well done!

Stryderg13 Aug 2019 2:24 p.m. PST

WOW! There are a LOT more planets than I remember from reading the novels.

Katzbalger13 Aug 2019 4:08 p.m. PST

I would add the stuff from Forlorn Hope, as well. While not strictly a Hammer's book, it really feels like it is in the same universe.


darthfozzywig Supporting Member of TMP13 Aug 2019 6:36 p.m. PST

Nice work! Thanks for sharing this. Have you considered sharing it as a Google doc/spreadsheet?

Seanny Crow13 Aug 2019 11:08 p.m. PST

Thanks everybody for the compliments!

@darthfozzywig Not really, it's a simple txt file that I keep on my computer and reading device that way I can easily edit it and add stuff while I'm reading, without the need of being connected on the internet.

@Katzbalger yes it's going in there too, as soon as I'm finished with the Hammer's book and "Voyage" I will make a separate entry for the RPG (since the planets there are non cannon in my opinion) and the Forlorn Hope (because even if it's heavily implied to be set in the Slammerverse, I've never seen a conclusive statement from DD that it was).

Seanny Crow14 Aug 2019 7:56 a.m. PST

Little ERRATA in my explanation of the "campaigns" list items:

"when an opponent is followed by another name in parentheses, it's a merc company they hired"
==> It's not always the case, I've also used that terminology for named units of the opponent that are not mercs but are "special" for a reason or another, for example "Mosite rebels (Company of Death)" or the Iron Guards for Friesland.

Sorry - only verified members can post on the forums.