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Achtung Minen29 Dec 2018 9:21 p.m. PST

We had a chance to break out Epic 40,000 3rd Edition today and I thought I'd share the images from the game and write up a quick battle report. We did a standard 2,000 point game. One of the guys brought his new Tyranids and another player and I each took 1,000 points of Space Marines (Crimson Fists and Dark Angels, respectively). We did Battle 2: Escalating Engagment right out of the Battle Book.

Scenaro: Every couple hundred years, a space hulk caught in the gravitational pull of the Grendel Stair passes by the small garden world of Theras V. In the previous crossing many years ago, the space hulk released the spore pods of terrible, viscious aliens which quickly consumed the planet, requiring an orbital extermination that left the world uninhabitable. Now the space hulk has returned, and a battle barge of the Crimson Fist Chapter has responded to the threat, sending in a cadre of Terminators to raid the space hulk and determine the nature of the enemy. There, in the shadowy depths of the ancient mass of collapsed ships, the Terminator teams discovered precious relics of the pre-Heresy era. They also found the hideous creatures that had emerged centuries ago from the space hulk. Unable to be retrieved by their battle barge due to the thick field of space debris surrounding the hulk, the Terminators took their prizes and made an emergency drop from the space hulk to the planet below. Responding to their distress call, the Crimson Fist and Dark Angels Chapters mounted a rapid rescue operation. The terrible devourer in the space hulk was also awakened, and marshalled its forces for another descent to the surface of Theras V.

Turn 1: Each side was allowed to begin the game with only their lowest cost detachment on the table, deploying in opposite corners with three drop pods across the middle of the table (one on a hilltop, one in the ruins of a ruined city and the last by a road leading into the city). The Space Marines deployed their Ravenwing squadron of 4 Land Speeders and 2 Bike Squadrons, whole the Tyranids deployed their main swarm led by a Hive Tyrant. In the first turn, both sides moved towards each other—the Ravenwing approaching the first objective on the hill while the Hive Tyrant's swarm moved past the Drop Pod on the road. There was no shooting as both sides remained out of range and sight of one another.

Turn 2: In the second turn, the first reinforcements began to arrive. Just as the Ravenwing took the hill with an assault order, the Tyranids dropped a mycetic swarm from the distant space hulk looming above the planet. The voracious Tyranids landed right behind the Ravenwing, close enough that one fell to snap shot fire from the Land Speeders below. The mycetic swarm declared an assault order, but could not move in for the kill until the assault phase.

The Hive Tyrant's swarm lurked in the city ruins just as the mycetic swarm dropped upon the forward detachment of Ravenwing:

A closer look at the tenuous position on the hill:

The Tyranids had full control of the city:

Beating its hideous wings, the Hive Tyrant directed its mindless horde to advance on the hill, just as the mycetic swarm took damage from bolter fire while landing close to the Ravenwing:

The Tyranids had seized the initiative, despite their low Tactical Rating, and managed to surround the Ravenwing entirely. Things were looking grim. Fortunately, however, both Space Marine forces received significant reinforcements, and not a moment too soon! The Crimson Fists received several tactical squads and support weapons, mounted in Rhinos and backed up by Whirlwind artillery. The Dark Angels received their mechanized tactical detachment, led by a Captain and backed up with Predator tanks, as well as the dreaded Reaver Titan, "Peaches".

Before they could make it to the hill, however, disaster struck—a Thunderhawk filled with Dark Angel Assault Marines, Terminators and a Librarian attempted to drop onto the hill to reinforce the position of the Ravenwing, hoping to buy enough time and hold the hill long enough for the reinforcements to come. Here I made a fatal flaw—never take a Thunderhawk without additional air support! The Tyranid player immediately intercepted the Thunderhawk with a massive Harridan, supported by a flight of Gargoyles. With overwhelming force, the Tyranid flight swarm shot the Thunderhawk from the sky. It came crashing down not far from the hill, with all of its troops lost. (Note, we actually played this wrong… technically the Tyranids damaged the Thunderhawk and would have to roll their hits again to "confirm" if it was indeed shot down, or simply needed to return to base for a few turns to repair. Ultimately a return to base result would have still kept the Assault Marines out for most of the game so I don't think it mattered in the end!)

The Space Marine reinforcements raced forward to protect the Ravenwing on the hill, just as a massive Harridan swoops over the battlefield in pursuit of the flaming, plummeting wreck of the Thunderhawk:

Seeing the tragic loss of the Thunderhawk, the Ravenwing realized the hill could no longer be held long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Taking discretion as the better part of valor, they sped down from the hill on an assault order and flanked around to the forest, leaving the drop pod behind. In the subsequent shooting phase, the Hive Tyrant's swarm shot down a fleeing land speeder and the Space Marines unleashed the wrath of the Emperor on the mycetic swarm still on the hill. The destruction is massive, and the Tyranids languish under the barrage of bolter fire, artillery, Predator lascannon fire and heavy batteries from Peaches. When the dusty clears, only two Zoanthropes, shielded by their powerful psychic barriers, remain.

The mycetic swarm on the hill was decimated by heavy fire:

Seeing their opportunity to avenge the Thunderhawk, the Ravenwing spring into action in the assault phase, racing back up the hill and into melee combat as the rest of the Space Marines just reach the edge of the hill. Yet, despite fierce fighting, the handily defeated Zoanthropes make their saves and simply fall back towards the ruined city. The Hive Tyrant's swarm then punishes the Ravenwing's hubris, assaulting the small detachment and destroying every stand except for the detachment HQ, who races his land speeder back down the hill, past the Space Marine tactical detachments and to the friendly deployment zone (carrying a massive amount of blast markers with him).

Nevertheless, this left the Hive Tyrant's swarm in clear sight of the Space Marine detachments at the bottom of the hill, who immediately began a firefight against the Tyranids. Overwhelmed by bolter fire, the Tyranids were thrown back yet again towards the ruined city, having achieved the hill for only a moment. To add insult to injury, the Ravenwing land speeder rallied and dropped nearly all of its blast markers in the rally phase while the mycetic swarm shed none. This, combined with the loss of 50% strength for the mycetic swarm and the Ravenwing detachment, led to a dip in force morale for both sides, but more dramatically for the Tyranid player.

Turn 3: At the beginning of the third turn, more reinforcements poured onto the battlefield. The Crimson Fist's Reaver Titan, the "Velour Fist", arrived in support of the Space Marine forces, but the Tyranid's dreaded Hierophant also entered the battle and immediately began to stalk through the woods north of the ruined city. In the movement phase, the Space Marine forces moved up, with the Crimson Fist tactical detachment taking the hill and securing the drop pod once more, and the Dark Angels tactical detachment flanking below along the edge of the forest. Peaches stalked behind these units, while the Ravenwing land speeder held position and the Velour Fist struggled to get up to the action.

The Space Marines retook the hill, but the monstrous Tyranid Hierophant lurked in the woods beyond:

A closer look at the hill and the ruined city:

Waiting for the right time to strike, the Hive Tyrant swarm took an assault order and clung to the ruined city to which they had previously withdrawn. The probing assault on the hill had cost them little, but they still needed more of their reinforcements to arrive before they could really threaten the approaching Space Marine forces.

In the shooting phase, the Crimson Fists just cresting the hill had no clear line of sight on the Tyranids skulking in the shadows of the ruined city ahead. They were easily visible, however, to the towering Hierophant in the distance, who launched a barrage from its cluster spines. The earth around a Crimson Fist tactical squad erupted with shrapnel as the bony spines impacted the area. Within a split moment, an entire squad of Space Marines was reduced to shredded flesh and shattered armour.

The Hierophant's barrage strikes the Crimson Fist detachment:

The scent of blood in the air emboldens the Hive Tyrant's swarm again, and they destroy a Dark Angels Predator tank with volley fire before charging again up the hill against the Crimson Fist detachment. Even the fire of the Dark Angels detachment in the woods doesn't slow them down, although it does manage to bring down more Termagants and a pack of Tyranid Warriors.

The Hive Tyrant assaults the hill again:

A closer look at the action:

The assaulting Hive Tyrant's swarm managed a narrow victory, throwing the Crimson Fist detachment back down the hill. Ironically, the Crimson Fists took few casualties, while they made the Tyranids suffer for their defeat. The Hive Tyrant's swarm took heavy casualties in the frantic melee, despite now holding the hill again.

The approaching Hierophant made the strategy obvious. The Dark Angels detachment had to push the weakened Tyranid swarm off the hill again, clearing the way for the Reaver Titans to make it to the top before the Hierophant could get the higher ground. Storming up the hill and into the fray, the Dark Angel tactical detachment managed to win the assault but suffered the same fate as the Tyranids before—taking tremendous casualties and dealing few in return. Nevertheless, the Tyranid Swarm was severely weakened by now, and fled yet again back down the hill with a great number of blast markers to show for it. The Reaver Titans marched up the hill, splitting fire between the exhausted Tyranid Swarm and the new threat of the Hierophant, with the Velour Fist scoring the first critical blow against the beast's bio-cannons. The Crimson Fist detachment then poured its own fire into the gaping wounds opened by the Velour Fist, making full use of the overwatch order and the Space Marine's rapid fire ability to add more punishment to the gradually weakening creature.

Without its main weapon out of order, the Hierophant could do nothing but release a deafening roar as it lunged towards the hill. The Tyranid force morale plunged again, having lost more than 50% of the Hive Tyrant's swarm and seemingly unable to remove the many blast markers that plagued the remaining Tyranid swarms. The massive toll of battlefield chaos was beginning to overwhelm the Hive Mind, as the Tyranid force morale dropped nearly 20 points in a single turn, falling below the morale of the Space Marines for the first time in the battle.

Turn 4:In the fourth turn, both Space Marine tactical detachments took overwatch orders, hoping to maximize firepower in the final stages of the battle. The Titans lumbered towards each other, ready to engage in melee during the assault phase. The Harridan made its second and final appearance, swooping down behind the Space Marines lines to destroy the surviving Ravenwing land speeder. While the Space Marines had already taken the morale hit for the crippled detachment, destroying the Ravenwing utterly allowed the Tyranid to devour the fallen Space Marines and recoup some of their flagging morale.

The final reinforcements came on the board, with the Crimson Fist attack bike detachment arriving just as the Tyranid heavy artillery approached the area. Unfortunately, the Tyranid player was still waiting on his Dominatrix—as a supreme commander, a war machine, a psyker and a dangerous threat in its own right, the massive monstrosity was desperately needed to turn the tide in the Tyranid's favor. To make matters worse, the Tyranid artillery detachment that did arrive was too slow and just out of range to have any effect on the battle this turn.

The Tyranids now had no real presence in the city or on the hill, aside from the damaged Hierophant. Nevertheless, the massive Hierophant, more than twice the size of the Reaver Titan across from it, was undeterred. The terrible creature licked its mandibles and prepared for melee combat.

The final showdown between Peaches and the Hierophant:

Here, Peaches was at a severe disadvantage… less than half the damage capacity, lower assault rating and the Hierophant's ripper tentacles would instantly disable Peaches' secret weapon—the devastating chainfist mounted on the Reaver's right arm. As the Reaver Titan strode stoically forward, however, it received an unexpected boon from Velour Fist. The Crimson Fist's Reaver Titan blasted away at the Hierodule as Peaches closed in for the kill, and managed to disable the creature's legs and crucially the ripper tentacles nesting in the Hierophant's skull. At the last moment, with the ripper tentacles momentarily disabled, Peaches dug into the Hierophant's chest, tearing out entrails from the monster's gaping wound. The wounded creature was unable to respond in kind before it crashed to the ground, writhing amidst its own noxious bodily fluids. With that stunning result, we decided to call the game as a small but costly victory for the Space Marine contingent.

The battlefield after the showdown with the Hierophant:

The survivors on the bloodied hill:

Conclusion: It was a very fun game, if a bit of a headache to relearn all of the rules. Epic 40k 3rd Edition is a rather complicated game, but the end result is satisfying, with a lot of dynamic back and forth and plenty of opportunities for careful maneuvering. The scenario ended up giving a somewhat strange game, admittedly… with opposite corner deployment and the gradual arrival of the forces, both sides ended up filtering their units into a meat-grinder on the hill. That summit traded hands many times during the four turns (which took roughly two and a half hours to play): first the Ravenwing had it, then the Mycetic Swarm had it, then the Crimson Fists had it, then the main Tyranid Swarm with the Hive Tyrant had it, then the Dark Angels mechanized detachment had it, then the Hierophant had it, then the Reaver Titans had it. If we played it out, I am sure it would have been turned over many more times, but it is doubtful that the Tyranids had enough resources to handle the two Reaver Titans and the relatively fresh Crimson Fist forces. At the end of the day, force morale also played a huge factor. When we ended the game, the Tyranids had only around 20 points of morale left, while the Space Marines were sitting comfortably in the mid-30's (having lost only around 10-15 points of morale for the entire battle).

Mr Jones30 Dec 2018 5:27 a.m. PST

Looks good. I never played Epic, but did enjoy a few games of Epic Armageddon a few years ago.

Calico Bill30 Dec 2018 5:30 a.m. PST

Nice looking game.

Todd63630 Dec 2018 9:44 a.m. PST

Nice report. Really wish GW would re-release the game.

Achtung Minen30 Dec 2018 9:56 a.m. PST

Nice report. Really wish GW would re-release the game.

It's definitely my favorite game that GW put out, but it seems unlikely. Still, there is no reason to stop playing it! It is easy enough to find the rules for cheap on eBay and the figures are the same as Epic has always used (basing doesn't matter, as it explains in the 3rd Edition rulebook, since things like blast templates count how many individual models are under the template, not the stand itself). 3rd Edition is definitely my go-to game for battles on this scale—each close combat representing an entire game of Warhammer 40,000. Given that metric, we played probably a half dozen "games" of Warhammer 40,000 in a two and a half hour period! Not bad!

Oberlindes Sol LIC30 Dec 2018 1:08 p.m. PST

Cool. Thanks.

Legion 431 Dec 2018 1:37 p.m. PST

Very nice ! Those look like GEOHex roads & hills, that is what I use. Glad to see some robots get some action. IIRC Epic:A they dropped robots AFAIK. What is sci-if without robots?!?!?!?!?! huh?

And yes regardless of what GW does with Epic. It has been kept alive on sites like Tactical Command, a number of Facebook pages, etc. And today there are many, many very good 6mm Sci-fi companies. Many making models that are very nice and in some cases as good or better as what GW made.

Louie N31 Dec 2018 7:33 p.m. PST

A great write up. It was epic. ;)

Markconz01 Jan 2019 4:16 p.m. PST

Nice report thanks!

Mithmee Supporting Member of TMP04 Jan 2019 8:02 p.m. PST

Nice report. Really wish GW would re-release the game.

Well the did put out the Titan only game which was at a far larger scale.

So if they did bring back EPIC you can expect the scale to be around 10mm.

Their way of doing business is to ensure that they screw over their past customers.

Now while this was a decent battle it no where compares with the EPIC battles from more than two decades ago.

What I am seeing here is just a few detachments fighting.

Back before GW downsize the game with Epic Armageddon you would see 3-4 Companies with their supporting detachments fighting against similar size enemy.

Depending on which army and your points you could have over 100+ stands of Infantry/Vehicles on just your side of the table.

I have taken part in battles where both sides were fielding around 25,000 points and it was not uncommon to see 8-10 Titans per side.

Epic Armageddon is just not EPIC for me and I have no trust in GW releasing a new version based on what they have done to the Titans.

Plus due to their overpricing you would not be able to afford it anyway.

Legion 405 Jan 2019 8:11 a.m. PST

Yes, the new Titan Game is 8mm … Which actually is more in scale with most of the other 6mm Epic. The original Titans were 1/500, @ 3-4mm scale. While 6mm is @ 1/285 – 1/300.

But yes it is highly unlikely that GW with release 8mm Infantry and Vehicles. At least based on everything I've seen/heard. But as I said, again there are sites and FB pages the are keeping it alive regardless what GW does. I go there daily.

As I started Epic '89. And been thru all iterations. With some being better than others. E.g. SM2/TL was the worse and SM1 if properly modified my favorite. As we did … waaaay back in '90.

I.e. we added unit activation with SM1. It took GW years to figure out that is a better system than IGOUGO. At least in our opinion. evil grin

ROUWetPatchBehindTheSofa05 Jan 2019 9:57 a.m. PST

SM1 was essentially a cut down and modified Rogue Trader and carried over some of its problems. Could never fully wrap my head around Armageddon, though I've never played it, which probably doesn't help. I appreciate some of the mechanisms and see why people thinks its superior, but do find it a little odd that you've essentially ended up with a smaller game. With E:A pdf's floating around and NetEpic plus the plethora of 6mm manufactures producing suitable product Epic's not going to die anytime soon (perhaps ironically!). Secondary market prices for Epic miniatures still seem as high as ever.

Achtung Minen06 Jan 2019 4:29 p.m. PST

To be clear, the game I posted above is NOT Epic Armageddon. The engagment was rather small simply because that was the scenario we did. Here is an example of the exact same ruleset doing a much larger battle: link

KJdidit06 Jan 2019 6:24 p.m. PST

Yes, the new Titan Game is 8mm…

Actually, no. The original quote about the game's scale said the titans would be "in scale with 8mm tall marines", which tracks with original epic infantry/vehicle scaling (though there are some variances in the original models, and the fliers/titans were scaled roughly to 1/500).

Most of the existing (official) Epic vehicles are pretty close to 1/270th scale, as are the new plastic titans.

And, given the success of Adeptus Titanicus, I wouldn't rule out seeing a Heresy-era version of Epic in the future.

Legion 407 Jan 2019 9:20 a.m. PST

Bottom line the new Titans are more in scale with the most of the existing models that GW started making for Epic in '89. Which I have most that GW/FW made for Epic since then. Until their last iteration of Epic with Epic:A. Which is generally 6mm – 1/300 – 1/285, etc. … which ever they decided at the time to size those models. E.g. the are 3 different sizes of SMs, 2-3 of Orks, 2-3 of Eldar and even 2 of Chaos SMs.

So like so many things with GW, much is like Orwellian "new speak". They change and modify so much, e.g. since I started with Epic in '89. I think they make it up as they go along ! laugh

Frankly based on all my experiences with GW over the many years. I would not be too surprised that the new AT goes the way of all passed Epic. Or many other of their games. But nothing surprises me about GW/FW anymore … evil grin

Mithmee Supporting Member of TMP07 Jan 2019 7:59 p.m. PST

So true since the new Warlord Titans are just as tall as the old Imperator Titan.

These new Titans are nearly twice the size of the old Titans and for me not worth the money to buy.

Around a $100 USD or more per Titan, they are just not worth that type of money.

Personal logo miniMo Supporting Member of TMP07 Jan 2019 10:21 p.m. PST

I certainly hope they come out with some 8mm squishies.

But if I ever wanted super duper tall mecha, I would go and buy some nice Gundam kits at the desired height!

Legion 408 Jan 2019 8:45 a.m. PST

Just incase someone didn't see these … New vs. old … huh?



But I highly doubt they will do any Infantry in 8mm … As if you have seen all the Epic Infantry since Day1 … They vary from 6mm-8mm or more already. More GW "skullduggery" !!!!

Here are some on my UMs. Showing original 6mm Mk.VI, next to Chaplain from Epic40K. Then in the back the Mk.VIIs …


Not to mention the original metal SMs which came out before the plastics.

Here as some of my DAs. With the slightly larger original Metal SMs in from row … Clearly bigger than the original plastic Mk.VIs … compare the Missile Launcher SMs metal vs. plastic one …


Personal logo miniMo Supporting Member of TMP08 Jan 2019 9:17 a.m. PST

But how could GW pass up a chance to advance the cause of scale creep even more?!?

The Epic Gamer08 Jan 2019 9:27 a.m. PST

Saw you were in MA, Achtung Minen. If you're ever intersted in trying out Epic Armageddon there's 10-16 of us from NJ to NH that get together once a monthish at the Time Machine in Manchester, CT (most times, though we have gone elsewhere depending on where the most people are coming from).

We also have a tournament in June there that get's 20-24 people, and there's usually a tournament at Fall In! and Cold Wars down in PA as well.

Legion 408 Jan 2019 4:26 p.m. PST

But how could GW pass up a chance to advance the cause of scale creep even more?!?
Indeed ! evil grin

Mithmee Supporting Member of TMP08 Jan 2019 8:34 p.m. PST

Just incase someone didn't see these … New vs. old..

As I stated the new models are more than twice as big as the old models.

When GW puts out something that they done before they are going to ensure that no one can use their old models with the new.

Though you probably could use that old Warlord Titan as a Warhound Titan.

Achtung Minen09 Jan 2019 5:39 a.m. PST

@Epic Gamer, thanks for the offer! I prefer Epic 40k 3e to be honest. Best game GW ever made in my humble opinion.

Legion 409 Jan 2019 8:33 a.m. PST

When GW puts out something that they done before they are going to ensure that no one can use their old models with the new.
Yep that is their business model. And they have stated they are a model company first and gaming second. And many of their rules set reflect that. Which is not to my liking.

Best game GW ever made in my humble opinion.

Yes, IMO, E40K and Epic:A were far "superior" to SM2/TL. We see SM2/TL as much more of a "game" … not so much a wargame. We liked AT/CT/SM1, but we had to modify those rules to our liking. Adding and cherry picking from here & there, etc., …

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