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Osage201730 Nov 2017 1:34 p.m. PST

Do any of you have info on the Austrian OOB at Mincio 1814 ?
Thank you in advance.

Prince of Essling30 Nov 2017 3:38 p.m. PST

From page 493 "The Greenhill Napoleonic Wars Data book":

FM Count Bellegarde commanding
Line Inf Regiments:
Lichtenstein Nr 12 (3 battalions)
EH Carl Nr 2 (3 battalions)
Hoch-und-Deutschmeister Nr 4 (3 battalions)
Reisky Nr 10 (3 battalions)
Chasteler Nr 27 (4 battalions)
Duka Nr 39 (2 battalions)
Kerpen Nr 49 (1 battalion)
Splenyi Nr 51 (3 battalions)
Hiller Nr 53 (2 battalions)
Bianchi Nr 55 (3 battalions)
Beaulieu Nr 58 (2 battalions)
Jager battalions (Nr 4, 9 & 10)
Dragoon Regiment Hohenlohe Nr 2 (4 squadrons)
Dragoon Regiment Savoy Nr 5 (4 squadrons)
Hussar Regiment Frimont Nr 9 (2 squadrons)
Hussar Regiment Stipsics Nr 10 (4 squadrons)
Uhlan regiment EH Carl Nr 3 (4 squadrons)
Uhlan regiment Merveldt Nr 1 (6 squadrons)
Grenz Infantry Regiment Warasdiner-Creuzer Nr 5 (2nd battalion)
GM Stuterheim commanding:
Grenadier battalions: De Best; Welsperg; Puteani; Purcell; Faber; Chimani

Prince of Essling30 Nov 2017 4:01 p.m. PST

From Appendix 33 in Nafziger's " Defence of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy 1812-1814" which you will see contradicts the above…..

Corps: Feld-Marschal Leutenant Radivcjevich
Brigade: General-major Quosdanovich )formerly Bogdan)
11th Jager battalion
LIR Hoch-und-Deutschmeister Nr 4 (3 battalions)
LIR Beaulieu Nr 58 (2 battalions)
Hussar Regiment Frimont Nr 9 (8 squadrons)
Brigade: General-Major Steffanini
10th Jager battalion
Grenz Infantry Regiment Warasdiner-Creuzer Nr 5 (1 battalion)
Uhlan regiment Merveldt Nr 1 (6 squadrons)
Brigade: General-Major Vecsey
Chasteler Nr 27 (4 battalions)
Uhlan Regiment ErzHerzog Carl Nr 3 (4 squadrons)
Division: General-Major Pflacher
Brigade: General-Major De Best
LIR Kerpen Nr 49 (4 battalions)
LIR ErzHerzog Carl Nr 2 (3 battalions)
Division: General-Major Merville
Brigade: General-Major Stutterheim
Grenadier battalions: Von Best; Velsperg; Puteani; Purcell; Faber; Chimani
Brigade: General-Major Wrede
Dragoon Regiment Hohenlohe Nr 2 (6 squadrons)
Dragoon Regiment Savoy Nr 5 (6 squadrons)

Arrived as battle developed:
Corps: Feldmarschal-Leutenant Sommariva
Brigade: General-Major Stanissalevich
Szekler Grenz Regiment (1 battalion)
Wallachian Grenz Regiment (1 battalion)
LIR Hohenlohe-Bartenstein (1 battalion)
LIR Lindenau (3 battalions)
Hussar Regiment Stipsics Nr 10 (3 squadrons)
Division: Feld-marschal-Leutenant Fenner
Brigade: General-Major Paumgarten
4th Jager battalion
Hohenzollern Chevau Leger Regiment (6 squadrons)
Hussar Regiment Stipsics Nr 10 (3 squadrons)
Brigade: General-Major Suden
LIR Duka Nr 39 (3 battalions)
Brigade General-major Abele
LIR Alois Lichtenstein Nr 12 (3 battalions)

Osage201730 Nov 2017 5:56 p.m. PST

wow, very detailed, thanks !!

HappyHussar30 Nov 2017 10:36 p.m. PST

Hope this helps. I built this OB for a software product I help put together back in 2011-13. Its based on information I got from Enrico Acerbi's book he co-wrote on the campaign.

Armee d'Italie (Army, 36 105 infantry, 4 266 cavalry, 88 guns)

Pr. Eugene (C B)
1 Lieutenancy (Corps, 16 683 infantry, 36 guns)

GD Grenier (C C)
2 Div/1L (Division, 6 538 infantry, 20 guns)

GD Rouyer (D C)
1/2D/1L (Brigade, 3 217 infantry, 4 guns)

GB Schmitz (E C)
1/9 Ligne (Infantry, 654 men, C)
2/9 Ligne (Infantry, 538 men, C)
3/9 Ligne (Infantry, 351 men, C)
Art/9 Ligne (Artillery, 2 guns, B)
1/28 DB Prov. (Infantry, 854 men, C)
2/28 DB Prov. (Infantry, 820 men, C)
Art/28 DB Prov. (Artillery, 2 guns, B)

2/2D/1L (Brigade, 3 321 infantry, 4 guns)

GB Darnaud (E C)
1/35 Ligne (Infantry, 580 men, C)
2/35 Ligne (Infantry, 575 men, C)
3/35 Ligne (Infantry, 651 men, C)
Art/35 Ligne (Artillery, 2 guns, B)
1/1 Etranger IR (Infantry, 600 men, C)
2/1 Etranger IR (Infantry, 513 men, C)
3,4/1 Etranger IR (Infantry, 402 men, C)
Art/1 Etranger IR (Artillery, 2 guns, B)

Art/2D/1L (Brigade, 12 guns)

4/2 Foot Arty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
5/4 Horse Arty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)

Wagon/2D/1L (Supply 300)

4 Div/1L (Division, 6 780 infantry, 12 guns)

GD Marcognet (D C)
1/4D/1L (Brigade, 3 190 infantry)

GB Jeanin (E C)
3/102 Ligne (Infantry, 523 men, C)
6/102 Ligne (Infantry, 530 men, C)
1/29 DB Prov. (Infantry, 453 men, C)
2/29 DB Prov. (Infantry, 852 men, C)
3/29 DB Prov. (Infantry, 832 men, C)

2/4D/1L (Brigade, 3 590 infantry)

GB De Conchy (E C)
1/106 Ligne (Infantry, 733 men, C)
2/106 Ligne (Infantry, 720 men, C)
1/31 DB Prov. (Infantry, 453 men, C)
2/31 DB Prov. (Infantry, 852 men, C)
3/31 DB Prov. (Infantry, 832 men, B)

Art/4D/1L (Brigade, 12 guns)

6/2 Foot Arty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
25/2 Foot Arty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)

Wagon/4D/1L (Supply 300)

6 Div/1L (Division, 3 365 infantry, 4 guns)

GD Zucchi (D C)
1/6D/1L (Brigade, 2 062 infantry)

GB St.Paul (E C)
1/1 It.Légère (Infantry, 402 men, B)
2/1 It.Légère (Infantry, 403 men, B)
3/2 It.Légère (Infantry, 371 men, B)
4/2 It.Légère (Infantry, 363 men, B)
1 Volnatari IR (Infantry, 523 men, C)

2/6D/1L (Brigade, 1 303 infantry)

GB Paolucci (E C)
4 It. Ligne (Infantry, 538 men, C)
1/5 It. Ligne (Infantry, 402 men, C)
2/5 It. Ligne (Infantry, 363 men, C)

Art/6D/1L (Brigade, 4 guns)

6 It. Foot(a) (Artillery, 2 guns, B)
6 It. Foot(b) (Artillery, 2 guns, B)

Wagon/6D/1L (Supply 300)

Wagon/1L (Supply 500)

2 Lieutenancy (Corps, 13 606 infantry, 518 cavalry, 36 guns)

GD Verdier (C C)
1 Div/2L (Division, 5 165 infantry, 16 guns)

GD Quesnel (D C)
1/1D/2L (Brigade, 2 787 infantry, 2 guns)

GB Campi (E C)
1/92 Ligne (Infantry, 763 men, C)
2/92 Ligne (Infantry, 714 men, C)
3/92 Ligne (Infantry, 736 men, C)
Art/92 Ligne (Artillery, 2 guns, B)
3/10 Légère (Infantry, 574 men, C)

2/1D/2L (Brigade, 2 378 infantry, 2 guns)

GB Forestier (E C)
1/84 Ligne (Infantry, 655 men, C)
2/84 Ligne (Infantry, 507 men, C)
3/84 Ligne (Infantry, 583 men, C)
Art/84 Ligne (Artillery, 2 guns, B)
3/35 Légère (Infantry, 633 men, B)

Art/1D/2L (Brigade, 12 guns)

9/4 Foot Arty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
4/4 Horse Arty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)

Wagon/1D/2L (Supply 300)

3 Div/2L (Division, 5 272 infantry, 346 cavalry, 8 guns)

GD Fressinet (D C)
1/3D/2L (Brigade, 2 990 infantry)

GB Montfalcon (E C)
1/25 DB Prov. (Infantry, 459 men, B)
2/25 DB Prov. (Infantry, 542 men, B)
3/25 DB Prov. (Infantry, 570 men, C)
3/42 Ligne (Infantry, 521 men, C)
6/42 Ligne (Infantry, 898 men, C)

2/3D/2L (Brigade, 2 282 infantry, 346 cavalry, 2 guns)

GB Pégot (E C)
6/7 Ligne (Infantry, 827 men, C)
1/53 Ligne (Infantry, 441 men, C)
2/53 Ligne (Infantry, 463 men, C)
3/53 Ligne (Infantry, 551 men, C)
Art/53 Ligne (Artillery, 2 guns, B)
1/4 It. Chasseurs (Cavalry, 172 men, C)
2/4 It. Chasseurs (Cavalry, 174 men, C)

Art/3D/2L (Brigade, 6 guns)

19/4 Foot Arty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)

Wagon/3D/2L (Supply 300)

5 Div/2L (Division, 3 169 infantry, 172 cavalry, 12 guns)

GD Palombini (D C)
1/5D/2L (Brigade, 2 078 infantry)

GB Rougier (E C)
2/3 It.Légère (Infantry, 431 men, B)
3/3 It.Légère (Infantry, 456 men, B)
1/2 It. Ligne (Infantry, 595 men, C)
3,4/2 It. Ligne (Infantry, 596 men, C)

2/5D/2L (Brigade, 1 017 infantry)

GB Galimberti (E C)
2/6 It. Ligne (Infantry, 547 men, C)
1,2/Prov.Légère (Infantry, 470 men, B)

Res/5D/2L (Brigade, 74 infantry, 172 cavalry, 12 guns)

Phantom (E C)
5/Napoleone DR (Cavalry, 172 men, B)
Zappatori (Infantry, 74 men, B)
5/1 It. Foot (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
1 Co.It.Horse (Artillery, 6 guns, B)

Wagon/5D/2L (Supply 300)

Wagon/2L (Supply 500)

Italian Guard (Division, 2 545 infantry, 423 cavalry, 12 guns)

GD Lecchi (D C)
Inf/ItGd (Brigade, 2 545 infantry)

Phantom (E C)
Veliti Reali (Infantry, 668 men, A)
Reali di Linea (Infantry, 545 men, A)
1/Chas. à piedi (Infantry, 684 men, A)
2/Chas. à piedi (Infantry, 648 men, A)

Cav/ItGd (Brigade, 423 cavalry)

Phantom (E C)
Guardie d'Onore (Cavalry, 137 men, A)
1/Dragoni Guardia (Cavalry, 153 men, A)
2/Dragoni Guardia (Cavalry, 133 men, A)

Res/ItGd (Brigade, 12 guns)

Guardia a piedi (Artillery, 6 guns, A)
Guardia a cavallo (Artillery, 6 guns, A)

Wagon/ItGd (Supply 500)

Cavalry (Division, 1 750 infantry, 3 325 cavalry, 4 guns)

GD Mermet (D C)
1/Cav (Brigade, 1 318 cavalry)

GB Rambourg (E C)
1/19 Chasseurs (Cavalry, 152 men, C)
2/19 Chasseurs (Cavalry, 157 men, C)
1/3 It. Chasseurs (Cavalry, 166 men, C)
2/3 It. Chasseurs (Cavalry, 165 men, C)
3/3 It. Chasseurs (Cavalry, 164 men, C)
4/3 It. Chasseurs (Cavalry, 168 men, C)
3/4 It. Chasseurs (Cavalry, 172 men, C)
4/4 It. Chasseurs (Cavalry, 174 men, C)

2/Cav (Brigade, 1 750 infantry, 783 cavalry, 4 guns)

GB Bonnemains (E C)
1/31 Chasseurs (Cavalry, 196 men, C)
2/31 Chasseurs (Cavalry, 195 men, C)
3/31 Chasseurs (Cavalry, 196 men, C)
4/31 Chasseurs (Cavalry, 196 men, C)
3/1 Légère (Infantry, 1147 men, B)
8/14 Légère (Infantry, 603 men, B)
4/4 Horse Arty (Artillery, 4 guns, B)

3/Cav (Brigade, 1 224 cavalry)

GB Perreimond (E C)
1/1 Hussar (Cavalry, 197 men, B)
2/1 Hussar (Cavalry, 197 men, B)
3/1 Hussar (Cavalry, 197 men, B)
4/1 Hussar (Cavalry, 197 men, B)
1/Regina DR (Cavalry, 145 men, B)
2/Regina DR (Cavalry, 146 men, B)
3/Regina DR (Cavalry, 145 men, B)

Peschiera Garrison (Brigade, 1 521 infantry)

Phantom (E C)
2/4 It.Légère (Infantry, 473 men, B)
1/7 It. Ligne (Infantry, 421 men, C)
5/92 Ligne (Infantry, 627 men, C)

Wagon/Italie (Supply 500)

Ober Italien Armée (Army, 54 118 infantry, 4 505 cavalry, 150 guns)

FM Bellegarde (C C)
1 Colonne – Right (Corps, 16 135 infantry, 650 cavalry, 26 guns)

FML Sommariva (C C)
AdvGd/1C (Brigade, 5 351 infantry, 104 cavalry)

GM Stanissavlevich (D C)
1/Walach-Illyr GRZ13 (Infantry, 931 men, B)
1/Walach#2 GRZ17 (Infantry, 988 men, B)
1/Bartenstein IR26 (Infantry, 909 men, D)
1/Lindenau IR29 (Infantry, 838 men, C)
2/Lindenau IR29 (Infantry, 841 men, C)
3/Lindenau IR29 (Infantry, 844 men, C)
3/Stipsicz HR10 (Cavalry, 104 men, B)

1 Div/1C (Division, 10 784 infantry, 546 cavalry, 26 guns)

FML Fenner (D C)
AdvGd/1D/1C (Brigade, 4 352 infantry, 219 cavalry, 9 guns)

GM Vlasitz (E C)
1/Szekler#2 GRZ15 (Infantry, 800 men, B)
1/Württemberg IR40 (Infantry, 877 men, C)
2/Württemberg IR40 (Infantry, 877 men, C)
3/Württemberg IR40 (Infantry, 877 men, C)
2/Bartenstein IR26 (Infantry, 921 men, D)
1/Stipsicz HR10 (Cavalry, 111 men, B)
2/Stipsicz HR10 (Cavalry, 108 men, B)
Brigade Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
3lb Brigade Bty (Artillery, 3 guns, B)

1/1D/1C (Brigade, 811 infantry, 327 cavalry, 6 guns)

GM Paumgarten (E C)
4 Jäger Bn (Infantry, 811 men, B)
4/Stipsicz HR10 (Cavalry, 111 men, B)
5/Stipsicz HR10 (Cavalry, 108 men, B)
6/Stipsicz HR10 (Cavalry, 108 men, B)
Brigade Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)

2/1D/1C (Brigade, 2 858 infantry)

GM Suden (E C)
1/Duka IR39 (Infantry, 953 men, C)
2/Duka IR39 (Infantry, 956 men, C)
3/Duka IR39 (Infantry, 949 men, C)

3/1D/1C (Brigade, 2 763 infantry)

GM Abele (E C)
1/Liechtenstein IR12 (Infantry, 921 men, C)
2/Liechtenstein IR12 (Infantry, 921 men, C)
3/Liechtenstein IR12 (Infantry, 921 men, C)

Art/1D/1C (Brigade, 11 guns)

Med Position Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
Hvy Position Bty (Artillery, 5 guns, B)

Wagon/1C (Supply 500)

2 Colonne – Center (Corps, 11 225 infantry, 1 480 cavalry, 34 guns)

FML Radivojevich (C C)
AdvGd/2C (Brigade, 3 151 infantry, 625 cavalry, 6 guns)

GM Steffanini (E C)
10 Jäger Bn (Infantry, 842 men, B)
2/Kreuzer GRZ5 (Infantry, 405 men, B)
1/J. Jellacic IR53 (Infantry, 953 men, C)
2/J. Jellacic IR53 (Infantry, 951 men, C)
1/Frimont HR9 (Cavalry, 104 men, B)
2/Frimont HR9 (Cavalry, 111 men, B)
1/Merveldt UR1 (Cavalry, 101 men, B)
2/Merveldt UR1 (Cavalry, 104 men, B)
3/Merveldt UR1 (Cavalry, 103 men, B)
4/Merveldt UR1 (Cavalry, 102 men, B)
Brigade Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)

1/2C (Brigade, 4 754 infantry, 345 cavalry, 5 guns)

GM Bogdan (E C)
1/Deutschmeister IR4 (Infantry, 912 men, B)
2/Deutschmeister IR4 (Infantry, 913 men, B)
3/Deutschmeister IR4 (Infantry, 911 men, B)
1/Beaulieu IR58 (Infantry, 1009 men, D)
2/Beaulieu IR58 (Infantry, 1009 men, D)
1/Hohenzollern CL2 (Cavalry, 115 men, C)
2/Hohenzollern CL2 (Cavalry, 114 men, C)
3/Hohenzollern CL2 (Cavalry, 116 men, C)
Brigade Bty (Artillery, 5 guns, B)

2/2C (Brigade, 3 320 infantry, 510 cavalry, 6 guns)

GM Vecsey (E C)
1/Chasteler IR27 (Infantry, 901 men, C)
2/Chasteler IR27 (Infantry, 902 men, C)
3/Chasteler IR27 (Infantry, 905 men, C)
4/Chasteler IR27 (Infantry, 612 men, D)
1/Karl UR3 (Cavalry, 102 men, B)
2/Karl UR3 (Cavalry, 102 men, B)
3/Karl UR3 (Cavalry, 102 men, B)
4/Karl UR3 (Cavalry, 102 men, B)
5/Karl UR3 (Cavalry, 102 men, B)
Cavalry Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)

Art/1C (Brigade, 17 guns)

Hvy Position Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
Med Position Bty (Artillery, 5 guns, B)
Med Position Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)

Wagon/2C (Supply 500)

1 Reserve (Corps, 13 256 infantry, 1 634 cavalry, 24 guns)

FML Pflacher (D C)
1/1Res (Brigade, 4 628 infantry)

Quosdanovich (E C)
1/Koburg IR22 (Infantry, 893 men, C)
2/Koburg IR22 (Infantry, 893 men, C)
3/Koburg IR22 (Infantry, 893 men, C)
1/St Julien IR61 (Infantry, 978 men, C)
2/St Julien IR61 (Infantry, 971 men, C)

2/1Res (Brigade, 6 128 infantry, 208 cavalry)

GM Best (E C)
11 Jäger Bn (Infantry, 842 men, B)
1/Kerpen IR49 (Infantry, 783 men, C)
2/Kerpen IR49 (Infantry, 783 men, C)
3/Kerpen IR49 (Infantry, 783 men, C)
4/Kerpen IR49 (Infantry, 612 men, D)
1/EH Karl IR3 (Infantry, 847 men, C)
2/EH Karl IR3 (Infantry, 845 men, C)
4/EH Karl IR3 (Infantry, 633 men, D)
3/Frimont HR9 (Cavalry, 104 men, B)
4/Frimont HR9 (Cavalry, 104 men, B)

1 Div/1Res (Division, 2 500 infantry, 1 426 cavalry)

FML Merville (D C)
Gren/1D/1Res (Brigade, 2 500 infantry)

FML Stutterheim (E C)
Welpsberg Gren (Infantry, 500 men, B)
Chimani Gren (Infantry, 500 men, B)
Faber Gren (Infantry, 500 men, B)
Purcell Gren (Infantry, 500 men, B)
de Best Gren (Infantry, 500 men, B)

Cav/1D/1Res (Brigade, 1 426 cavalry)

GM Wrede (E C)
1/Savoyen DR5 (Cavalry, 133 men, B)
2/Savoyen DR5 (Cavalry, 132 men, B)
3/Savoyen DR5 (Cavalry, 134 men, B)
4/Savoyen DR5 (Cavalry, 131 men, B)
5/Savoyen DR5 (Cavalry, 130 men, B)
6/Savoyen DR5 (Cavalry, 136 men, B)
1/Hohenlohe DR2 (Cavalry, 132 men, B)
2/Hohenlohe DR2 (Cavalry, 132 men, B)
3/Hohenlohe DR2 (Cavalry, 132 men, B)
4/Hohenlohe DR2 (Cavalry, 132 men, B)
6/Karl UR3 (Cavalry, 102 men, B)

Art/1Res (Brigade, 24 guns)

Hvy Position Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
Med Position Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
Med Position Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
Cavalry Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)

Wagon/1Res (Supply 500)

2 Reserve (Corps, 13 202 infantry, 741 cavalry, 18 guns)

FML Heldenfeld (C C)
1 Div/2Res (Division, 7 476 infantry, 267 cavalry, 12 guns)

FML Sacile (D C)
Det/2Res (Brigade, 1 915 infantry, 76 cavalry)

ObLt Tieffenau (E C)
9 Jäger Bn (Infantry, 757 men, B)
4/Reisky IR10 (Infantry, 577 men, D)
4/Wacquant IR62 (Infantry, 581 men, D)
6(-)/Hohenlohe DR2 (Cavalry, 76 men, B)

1/1D/2Res (Brigade, 2 709 infantry, 191 cavalry)

GM Watlet (E C)
1/Reisky IR10 (Infantry, 902 men, C)
2/Reisky IR10 (Infantry, 904 men, C)
3/Reisky IR10 (Infantry, 903 men, C)
5,6(-)/Hohenlohe DR2 (Cavalry, 191 men, B)

2/1D/2Res (Brigade, 2 852 infantry)

GM Winczian (E C)
1/Splényi IR51 (Infantry, 953 men, C)
2/Splényi IR51 (Infantry, 948 men, C)
3/Splényi IR51 (Infantry, 951 men, C)

Art/1D/2Res (Brigade, 12 guns)

Brigade Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
Cavalry Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)

2 Div/2Res (Division, 5 726 infantry, 474 cavalry, 6 guns)

FML Linthal (D C)
1/2D/2Res (Brigade, 3 660 infantry)

GM Eckhardt (E C)
1/Gradiscaner GRZ8 (Infantry, 800 men, B)
3/EH Karl IR3 (Infantry, 842 men, C)
2/Bianchi IR63 (Infantry, 1009 men, D)
3/Bianchi IR63 (Infantry, 1009 men, D)

2/2D/2Res (Brigade, 2 066 infantry, 474 cavalry)

GM Spiegel (E C)
1/Ocataner GRZ2 (Infantry, 800 men, B)
1/Lusignan IR16 (Infantry, 633 men, D)
2/Lusignan IR16 (Infantry, 633 men, D)
1/Radetsky HR5 (Cavalry, 104 men, B)
2/Radetsky HR5 (Cavalry, 106 men, B)
7/Hohenlohe DR2 (Cavalry, 132 men, C)
8/Hohenlohe DR2 (Cavalry, 132 men, C)

Art/2D/2Res (Brigade, 6 guns)

Cavalry Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)

Wagon/2Res (Supply 500)

Reserve (Brigade, 300 infantry, 48 guns)

Hvy Position Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
Hvy Position Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
Hvy Position Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
Hvy Position Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
Hvy Position Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
Med Position Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
Med Position Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
Med Position Bty (Artillery, 6 guns, B)
Pontoneer Co (Infantry, 100 men, C)
Pontoneer Co (Infantry, 100 men, C)
Pontoneer Co (Infantry, 100 men, C)

Wagon/Ob.It.Armée (Supply 500)

Supply Wagon (Supply 300)
Supply Wagon (Supply 300)

Prince of Essling01 Dec 2017 4:36 a.m. PST

Very many thanks Happy Hussar,

A most useful expansion – though still some discrepancies with info from the others (?). Will have to see if I can find the KuK histories for a cross check…..

However a very useful map of the battle at link

Prince of Essling01 Dec 2017 11:17 a.m. PST

From "Bataille du Mincio du 8 fevrier 1814 : entre l'armee du Prince Eugene et celle du Marechal Comte de Bellegarde"
by Vacani, Camillo Publication date 1857 Publisher Milan : Francois Pagnoni at link
shows the Austrian strength at Mincio considerably less than that shown above in happy Hussar's post (43 battalions and 24 squadrons)- see link

Map at link

Still trying to access Georgi von Holtz's "Die innerosteriechische armee 1813 und 1814"; and will cross check with Wrede's regimental battle histories….

von Winterfeldt02 Dec 2017 12:44 a.m. PST

Holtz, a very thin book, contains OdBs at the start of February 1814 – it is a bit different to that one supplied by Happy Husar – but Acerbi is in my view a top notch researcher.

Holtz for example gives

Feldmarschalleutnant Paul von Radivojevich

Brigade Generalmajor Josef Freiherr Bogdan von Strumbruck

Jäger Bataillon Nr. 11
4 Bataillone Deutschmeister Nr. 4
3 Bataillone Beaulieu Nr. 58
8 Eskadronen Frimont Husaren Nr. 9

Brigade Generalmajor Josef Steffanini de Monte Airone

Jäger Batailon Nr. 10
1 Bataillon Warasdiner Kreutzer Nr. 5
6 Eskadronen Merveldt Ulanen Nr. 1

Brigade Generalmajor August Graf Vecsey von Hajnackeo

4 Bataillone Chasteler Nr, 27
6 Eskadronen Karl Ludwig Ulanen Nr, 3

page 111/112

Prince of Essling02 Dec 2017 7:49 a.m. PST


Very many thanks on Holtz (I will desist on that front).

While I agree wholeheartedly that Enrico Acerbi is absolutely top drawer there are some niggling questions as to the wide variations between his OoB, Digby-Smith's & Nafziger's…. Therefore will struggle on with Oberstleutenant Alphons Freiherrn von Wrede's "Geschichteder K. u. K. Wehrmacht" and highlight any issues.

von Winterfeldt02 Dec 2017 8:56 a.m. PST

Prince of Essling

Let me know about your finds, it is interesting to see Holtz for example given Hoch und Deutschmeister 4 battalions – while elsewhere there are only 3 – surely one of these battalions must have been a so called Landwehrbattalion attached to a line battalion but wearing a grey coat instead of a white one.

HappyHussar04 Dec 2017 10:38 a.m. PST

Agree with von Winderfeldt on the 4th battalions.

Prince of Essling15 Dec 2017 3:54 p.m. PST

I have now finished staring very long and hard at various sources for the Austrian OoB –

1. Le Prince Eugène et Murat 1813-14 Tome 5 by Maurice-Henri Weil…. Annexe II has a summary for 6 February which I have set out below, and Annex e XXVIII has a summary OoB as at 16 february 1814.
2. Feldzug der osterreicher in illyrien und italien in den jahren 1813 und 1814 by J Sporschil …. page 79 has a listing for 11th February 1814
3. Guerres des Français en Italie, 1794-1814 Tome 2
4. Bataille du Mincio du 8 février 1814 entre l'Armée du Prince Eugène et celle du Maréchal Comte de Bellegarde by Chevalier Vacani …. contains table showing numbers of battalions, squadrons as at 6 February 1814
5. Campagne de 1814 [Suite tableaux indiquant les etat des armees – Legends et plans explicatifs du batailles] ….. contains OoB for 1st January & 11th February 1814
6. Streffleurs Militärische Zeitschrift (various editions from 1818 onwards)
7. Geschichteder K. u. K. Wehrmacht – volumes 1 to 5 by Oberstleutenant Alphons Freiherrn von Wrede – while useful regimental details are not complete for example IR 63 Bianchi – shows only the later regimental information, so have also looked at various regimental histories to try and get some clarity/answers but still many questions

As a result I think there is no easy answer on this topic. Below for information.

Austrian OoB as at 6 February 1814:
Right Wing: FML Sommariva (13 battalions (btn), 10 squadrons (sqn), 4 batteries (bat) – 28 artillery pieces)
Division: FML Fenner
Brigade Stanissavlevich – 5 btn, 2 sqn, 1 bat
Brigade Paumgarten – 1 btn, 8 sqn, 1 bat
Brigade Suden – 4 btn, 1 bat
Brigade Abele – 3 btn, 1 bat
Brigade Stanissavlevich at Val Trompia, Tonale, towards Brescia. Brigades Paumgarten, Suden & Abele at de Castelnuovo to Valeggio

Centre: under direct orders of FML Bellegarde (35 btn, 32 sqn, 5 bat – 50 artillery pieces)
Division FML Radivojevich (26 artillery pieces)
Brigade Steffanini – 4 btn, 6 sqn
Brigade Bogdan – 8 btn, 8 sqn, 1 bat (horse)
Brigade Vecsey – 4 btn, 6 sqn, 1 bat
Brigades Steffanini & Bogdan at Valeggio, Brigade Vecsey at Pozzolo

Division FML Pflacher
Brigade De Best – 8 btn, 1 bat
Brigade Quosdanovich – 6 btn, 1 bat
Division at Villafranca

Division FML Merville
Brigade Stutterheim 5 btn, 1 bat
Brigade Wrede 12 sqn
Division at Verona

Left Wing: Division Count Nugent (11 btn, 8 sqn, 1 ¾ bat – 12 artillery pieces)
Brigade Stahremberg – 5 btn, 8 sqn, 1 bat (horse)
Brigade Gober – 5 btn, ¾ bat

Blockading Corps:
Brigade Vlasitz – 7 btn, 2 sqn, 1 bat (Peschiera)
Division FML Mayer von Heldenfeld and Gramont
Brigade Eckhardt – 8 btn, ½ bat (Mantua)
Brigade Spiegel – 8 sqn (rejoining Brigade Eckhardt)
Division FML Marziani
Brigade Watlet – 5 btn, 1 bat (Mantua)
Brigade Winzian – 4 btn, 1bat (Legnano)
Brigade Folseis – 4 btn, 2 sqn, 2 bat (Legnano)
Division FML Marschall
Brigade Pulsky – 3 btn, 2 sqn, 1bat (Venice)
Brigade Mayer – 5 btn, 2 sqn, 1 bat (Venice)
Brigade Csivich – 6 btn, 3 ½ sqn, 1 bat (Palmanova, Osoppo)

Note: 6 artillery pieces before Peschiera; 26 artillery pieces before Mantua & Legnano, 14 artillery pieces before Venice, 6 before Palmanova and Osoppo.
There was a general artillery reserve of 8 batteries (48 pieces).
Total artillery pieces 190, but other sources suggest total was 194 pieces, of which only 108 were with the army operating between the Adige and the Mincio.
Brigade Toamasich – 3 btn, 1 sqn (Dalmatia)
Brigade Knesevich – 2 btn, ½ sqn (Trieste)

Austrian OoB as at 11 February 1814 (no details of artillery distribution):
FML Sommariva
Brigade Stanissavlevich – 1 btn Grenzer Infantry Regiment (GIR) Szekler, 1 btn GIR Wallachen (?Wallchisches),1 btn Infantry Regiment (IR) Hohenlohe Bartenstein, 3 btn IR Lindenau, 1 sqn Hussar Regiment (HR) Stipiscz
Division: FML Fenner
Brigade Paumgarten – 4th Jager btn, 6 sqn Chevauxleger Regiment (CLR) Hohenzollern, 3 sqn HR Stipiscz
Brigade Suden – 3 btn IR Duka
Brigade Abele – 3 btn IR Alois Lichtenstein

Division FML Radivojevich
Brigade Bogdan – 11th Jager btn, 4 btn IR Hoch und Deutschmeister, 3 btn IR Beaulieu, 8 sqn HR Frimont
Brigade Steffanini – 10th Jager btn, 1btn GIR Warasdiner-Kreutzer, 2 btn IR Jellachich (Note: sources 2 and 5 differ – Sporschil does not list them but without them the total active army is short of 2 battalions as both sources say 53 battalions and 48 squadrons in total)……….), 6 sqn Uhlan Regiment (UR) Merveldt
Brigade Vecsey – 4 btn IR Chasteller, 6 sqn UR Erzherzog Karl

Division FML Pflacher
Brigade De Best – 4 btn IR Kerpen, 4 btn IR Erzherzog Karl

Division FML Merville
Brigade Stutterheim – 5 btn Grenadiers,
Brigade Wrede – 4 sqn Dragoon Regiment (DR) Hohenlohe, 6 sqn DR Savoyen

Division Graf Nugent
Brigade Stahremberg – 8th Jager btn, 1 btn GIR Warasdiner-Kreutzer, 1 btn Istrian Landwehr, 1 btn Italian Freicorps, 2 btn IR Benjowski, 8 sqn HR Radetzky
Brigade Gober – 3 btn IR Franz Karl, 1 btn IR Lusignan, 1 btn Landwehr Erzherzog Karl

FML Mayer der Heldenfeld – Troops employed blockading places:
Brigade Vlasitz – 1 btn GIR Szekler, 1 btn IR Hohenlohe-Bartenstein, 3 btn IR Herzog von Wurtemberg, 2 sqn HR Stipiscz,
Division Gramont
Brigade Eckhardt – 1 btn GIR Gradiscaner, 3 btn IR Bianchi, 4 sqn HR Frimont
Brigade Spiegel – 1 btn GIR Otocaner, 3 btn IR Lusignan, 4 sqn HR Radetzky
Division FML Marziani
Brigade Watlet – 9th Jager btn, 4 btn IR Reisky, 2 sqn DR Hohenlohe
Brigade Winzian – 3 btn IR Splenyi, 1 btn IR Vacquant
Brigade Ebeble von St. Julien – 3 btn IR Coburg, 2 btn IR St. Julien
Independent Brigade Folseis – 1 btn GIR de Brooder, 2 btn GIR Deutschbannater, 1btn Landwehr IR Alois Lichtenstein, 2 sqn HR Stipsicz
Division FML Marschall
Brigade Pulsky – 1 btn GIR Oguliner, 2nd Landwehr btn IR Kerpen, 1st Landwehr btn IR Hoch und Deutschmmeister, 2 sqn HR Stipsicz
Brigade Mayer – 1 btn GIR Warasdiner-St George, 1 btn GIR 2nd Banal, 1 btn GIR Gradiscaner, 1 btn IR Herzog von Wurttemberg, 1 btn IR Lindenau, 2 sqn HR Stipsicz
Brigade Csivich – 1 btn GIR Peterwardeiner, 1 btn Landwehr IR Hohenlohe-Bartenstein, 1 btn Landwehr IR Lusignan, 1 btn GIR Szuiliner, 1 btn Landwehr IR Chasteller, 1 btn GIR Warasdiner-St Georger (Note: sources 2 and 5 differ – Sporschil does not list them but without them the total blockading forces are short of 1 battalion as both sources say 48 battalions and 22 squadrons in total), 3 sqn Insurrection Cavalry
Independent Brigade Tomasich – 1 btn GIR 1st Banal, 2 btn GIR Liccaner, 1 sqn Banderial Hussars

Brigade Vlasitz, Division Gramont (Brigades Eckhardt & Spiegel), Division Marziany (Brigades Watlet, Winzian & Ebeble de S. Julien) –before Mantua
Independent Brigade Folseis – blockading Legnano
Division FML Marschall
(Brigades Pulsky & Mayer) – blockading Venice
Brigade Csivich – blockading Palmanovva & Osoppo
Independent Brigade Tomasich – in Dalmatia

Wrede – Volume 1 shows infantry regiments with 2 six company Landwehr battalions, and 1 two company Landwehr depot battalion. Text suggests that these Landwehr battalions were organised in the German-heartland (? Deutsch-erblandischen) and Galicia, and the Hungarian regiments of the Reserve Divisions.

Wrede has the following at Mincio:
Welpsberg Grenadier batn
Chimani Grenadier batn
Faber Grenadier batn
Purcell Grenadier batn
de Best Grenadier batn

Waradiner-Creuzer GIR
4 Jäger Bn – at the battle of Mincio but did not come into the fire
9 Jäger Bn
10 Jäger Bn
ErzHerzog Karl IR – 1st & 2nd Field & 1st Landwehr batn
Hoch und Deutschmeister
Reisky IR
Alois Liechtenstein IR – at Mincio but did not come under fire
Chasteler IR – 2nd LW batn blockade of Palmanuova
Kerpen IR – 1st, 2nd & 3rd Field & 1st Landwehr batns; 2nd LW at Venice
Duka IR – 1st, 2nd and 3rd batns at the battle
Splényi IR
Jellacic IR – the Regiment did not come into the fire in the battle of the Mincio,
Beaulieu IR – two battalions took some part in the battle; the 3rd Battalion in Cordon in Istria.
St Julien IR – fought with special distinction
Lusignan IR – two battalions at the blockade of Mantua, the 3rd Battalion in Division Nugent involved in the crossing over the Taro, Fiorenzuola,
Württemberg IR – blockading Mantua
Hohenlohe-Bartenstein IR – 1 batn with army, 1 batn blockading Mantua, LW batn at Palmanuova
Koburg IR – blockade of Mantua
Hohenlohe DR
Savoyen DR – fought with distinction, heavy losses
Karl UR – fought with distinction in the battle of Mincio.
Merveldt UR – regiment in area from Mantua to the Po (Ostiglia), distributed in different ways and took part in individual small affairs. A squadron takes part in the battle at Monzambano.

Frimont HR – only the Lieutenant Colonel's Division participated in the Battle of the Mincio
Radetsky HR – was in Parma and divisions fought at Cadeo, Fiorenzuola, Pontremoli, Parma, Reggio and the Nura. A division at the blockade of Venice, two at Mantua Stipsicz HR – 4 Squadrons in the Sommariva Division near Monzambano and the blockades of Mantua, Legano and Venice

Better map of battle at: link
Text to accompany map at link (From Die Schlachten der Preussen und ihrer Verbündeten von 1741 bis 1815 by Friedrich Rudolf von Rothenburg) link

HappyHussar16 Dec 2017 12:48 a.m. PST

Digby Smith's OBs are at best a nice starting point. I have noted many errors in his large "Data Book" work. He says he just goes by the sources but he rarely bothered to cross check them. He has no intention of updating his book either.

It remains at best a starting point and not a very good resource.

George Nafziger's OB pages are also similar but filled with many typos and the names are often at odds with more definitive works.

I respect more what George was trying to do. He gave us definitive OBs at a small cost (in the days when you paid for them). Again, errors abounded but hey, his contribution is immense.

Now if I only could find a set of OBs for the Russians in 1807 that included strengths for the regiments and brigade organizational listings ;)

von Winterfeldt16 Dec 2017 6:53 a.m. PST

@Prince of Essling
Thanks for your hard work and sharing it

Prince of Essling18 Dec 2017 3:07 p.m. PST

Turning to 1807 Russians, the two books by James R Arnold & Ralph R Reinerstein "Crisis in the Snows – Russia confronts Napoleon The Eylau Campaign 1806-1807" and "Napoleon's Triumph – La Grande Armee versus the Tsar's Army The Friedland Campaign 1807" have Russian OoBs including many (most?) of the Brigade commanders. However lacking is the actual strength of units, though it contains estimates by Alexander Mikhailovsky-Danilevsky of the average strengths – of a battalion and squadron at the start of the campaign i.e. Bennigsen's units 600 men per battalion, 100 per squadron & 100 men per battery; and von Lettow-Vorbeck estimate for Buxhowden's units 480 men per battalion, 90 per squadron, and 100 per battery.

Alexander Mikhailovsky-Danilevsky's work "Описаніе второй войны Императора Александра съ Наполеономъ въ 1806 и 1807 годахъ" has the Russian OoB – book at link

Oscar von Lettow-Vorbeck's "Der Krieg von 1806 und 1807 Volume 3" has Frencxh, Prussian and Russian OoBs – see link or PDF link

For the French strengths Paul Fourcart's "Campagne de Pologne : Novembre-Decembre 1806 – Janvier 1807 (Pultusk et Golymin) Tome 2" at link is very helpful

Also Karl von Plotho "Tagebuch während des Krieges zwischen Rußland und Preußen einerseits, und Frankreich andrerseits in den Jahren 1806 und 1807" has various OoBs see link

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