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"Board to Miniatures w' Ars Victor in 28mm / 40K" Topic

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Queen Catherine23 Oct 2017 6:21 p.m. PST

I saw just two threads on this from several years ago, to my surprise, so starting a new one. [EDIT wanted this to be in 28mm / 40K since that's a chunk of my bigger fantasy minis, but didn't see the options in "repost"…confusing!]

Picked up the boardgame "Ars Victor" on a whim mainly because it was on sale and said "The One-Hour Wargame" and as I'm such a BIG fan of Neil Thomas and his book, "One-Hour Wargames" I was curious.

Well, in short, curiosity paid off here. Found this excellent board game with great graphics and clean, tight rules, a tile board that has zillions of combinations, and uses troop types that clearly have some inspiration in other games I have, from 40K to Starship Troopers, and more. The Limited Edition I picked up has 60 units of "not-Imperial Guard / not-Space Marines" fighitng 60 units of "not-Eldar". I can see a lot of uses for this game, from playing it as a straight board game to switching it to table top.

The game is apparently in the vein of the fabulously popular "Command and Colors" series, which I haven't had the privilege to try out yet, altho lots of my pals have and like them, and is by one of that design team.

So some interesting possibilities, but wondering if anyone else has tried this and just not posted here…

1) Translation to table top any problems needing workarounds? If so, how'd you do it? I know there are some people who have played Command and Colors as a miniatures game.

2) Is there a scale that works best? I've some old 15mm sci-fi, and a bunch of 40K stuff unplayed for almost ten years [haven't sold it off b/c a bunch is very nicely painted], but zero 6mm stuff as I sold off all my epic stuff, unplayed, a few years ago.

3) Having just gotten the game, haven't played it yet any problems with the design or execution that need to be addressed?

4) Is AV as newbie-friendly as it claims?
I see this as a good board game to get started with, sort of like Space Hulk or one of the new 40K games, except that even easier you don't need to even assemble the miniatures for this game, much less paint them. You could easily play this a bunch while painting up some 6mm armies, then hit the table when ready.

In short, I've never done this before. , I've heard of people doing it with Memoir'44 and C&C so I'm thinking I should get some good advice!

Thanks in advance for thoughts.

Personal logo Narratio Supporting Member of TMP23 Oct 2017 6:55 p.m. PST

Translating board games to miniatures is as complicated as you want it to be.
1) You can start with just replacing the counters/blocks with figures or bases of figures but use the board – just eye candy.

2) Replace the board with a table, scaled to the board. Keep the hexes/squares, place the figures – still all eye candy

3) Get out the chain saw, it's rules mod time.
a) Replace movement from square/hex to inch/millimetre. Should change of direction be an issue? Terrain mods?
b) Check flanking, angles of fire. Depending upon the game this means you can only shoot at enemy in front of you, not beside/behind you. This is where converting C&C gets to be tricky.
c) Assuming it's a card driven game, you'll be wanting to keep the actual combat system. Does it bother with Morale checks or is that inherent in the combat results?

It's all a matter of how far do you want to take it and how much of the original board game you found inspiring.

Allen5723 Oct 2017 7:58 p.m. PST

I have played Ars Victor with 6mm miniatures. It worked fine. All we did was measure the distance of a move or weapon range on the board and use that on a table top. We used our own scenery rather than try to duplicate the game. I find weapons range in SF games are too short. Seems like if you can see it you should be able to shoot it with all the hi tech, etc.

parrskool24 Oct 2017 11:00 a.m. PST

very expensive to buy in the uk, unfortunately.

Queen Catherine27 Oct 2017 5:35 a.m. PST

Hey Narratio, thanks for detailed thoughts:
As a futuristic game, it doesn't need shooting angles and there's no flanks. However, it does make me think about the perils of range and scale. With artillery shooting 5 hexes across a 9x12 hexed board, this has the range of a big battle game. If it was a 3x4 foot board, artillery only shoots 18" or so!

Morale checks are not a mechanic – just a combat result that has a retreat 1 or more hexes.

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