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torokchar Supporting Member of TMP16 Jul 2017 6:04 p.m. PST

Joe Wicker from the Lone Star Historical Miniatures (LSHM) club files this report on a game played at Dragon's Lair San Antonio on 14 July:


[Oscar, Robert, Mike, and Joe playing a 1000 point game, Germans vs Brits. Robert ( the father ) and Mike ( the son ) are enthusiastic first timers. Robert has loads of game experience but first-time for Bolt Action. Joe and Oscar are being gentle]

To: LTC Nicholson, 1st BN Suffolk, commanding
From: 1LT Wicker, A company (-), Acting Commander
Subject: Battle report

Enemy Forces: Elements from the Spanish Blue Division (Jerry) consisting of 1 PZR III, 5xINF Squads, 1 ATR team, 2 MMG teams, 1 Sdkfz 231, and a command section (Oscar and Rob).


Friendly Forces: Myself (with Mike [Rob's Son]), 1 sniper team, 1 Mortar team, 3 INF Squads, 1 Chaffe light battle tank, 1 Daimler AC, 1 Bren carrier, 1 FWD Artillery Observer (FAO) from BN, 1 PIAT Team, & 1 MMG team.


Situation: The Spanish Blue Division invaded Southern England near the town Boscombe. I was ordered to re-enforce the static INF of the Home Guard there and throw the lead enemy forces back into the sea. We engaged the enemy 2 kilometers SW of Boscombe.


0801 to 0830: As my force advanced, we met the Blue devils in a bombed out village. I placed the all the vehicles on my right flank and positioned the MMG team with 1 Para squad and the mortar team on the left flank. I lead two squads, the PIAT team, the FAO, the mortar spotter, and the sniper team into the middle. The Jerrys focused their armor in the center, 4 of 5 squads in the center and my right flank along with 2 MMGs (1 which went into a house). The remaining Jerry squad was deployed on my left flank. The Bren immediately suppressed on MMG team killing 2 men.


0831-0900: LT MacArthur (the FAO) called for an arty strike on the our right flank which caught 2 German Squads in the open and suppressed one heavily. The other squad took cover. This bought us some time on the hard pressed right flank. The Bren and Daimler continued to pour fire into the MMG team and knocked it out. The Jerry CO was a tough Bleeped text though and ordered his INF forward in the center. The Chaffee chased away the SDKFZ 231 which was supporting the enemy left flank. Corporal Shoemaker advanced with his PIAT into some ruins in the center and waited for enemy armor.


0901 – 1000: We gave the Jerrys a wallop! CPL Shoemaker destroyed the Jerry tank with a side shot as it entered a copse of trees in the center and sent bright red flames high into the air. This did not deter the Jerry CO however. Having lost all his armor support, the INF pressed us hard. 2d Para squad was hit hard as they advanced on my right & were almost annihilated (3 dead). I ordered Mike to fall back and let the armor hold the INF back. Jerry focused on my center. 3d Squad moved into a corral under heavy fire. 1st PARA squad advanced from the left flank and hit a Jerry squad just as it was about to close assault the sniper team and CPL Shoemaker.


1000 – 1045: The Jerry 231 reappeared in the center and moved to attk 1st Squad but was leery of CPL Shoemaker and fired on the MMG team instead; killing them all. 1st squad took cover and continued to pour fire into the Jerry squad on his right flank (my left flank)….effectively eliminating them. SGT McElroy's mortar finally scored a direct hit on a Jerry squad in the center and caused many casualties. This, finally, knocked the wind out of the Jerry attack and allowed us to concentrate fire on the Jerry's center. Under withering from the Bren, Daimler, and the Chaffee, 2 more enemy squads.


I could see that Jerry Leftenant trying to rally his men to press the attk (a tough Bleeped text that one), but his men had had enough and they fell back towards the beach. I lost SGT Jones & his MMG team (2d Para Squad had 2 of seven men left), as well as 10 other casualties but Jerry lost 3 INF squads, a PZR III, & 1 MMG team.


I'm recommending CPL Shoemaker for a Distinguished Service Order Medal. Give me more ammo and some arty and I'll push the whole lot of them back to Germany!

1LT Wicker
Acting Commander

Frederick Supporting Member of TMP17 Jul 2017 5:20 a.m. PST

Great report! I think this is the first wargame I have seen with the Spanish Blue in it

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