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Delthos Inactive Member07 Jan 2013 9:00 a.m. PST

I've got some Battletech miniatures that I have from when some friends and I were playing in a Mechwarrior campaign. I was never a big Battletech player so I don't remember what all of them are. I'm having trouble identifying the following mechs. Here are the ones I'm having trouble with and any help would be appreciated.







Failure16 Inactive Member07 Jan 2013 9:10 a.m. PST


The first is an original/Unseen Wolverine.

The second is a newer Enforcer III

The third is a Clan Canis.

The first one is a particularly good find (from a real-world cost/value standpoint, as well as being a solid in-game design).

Hope you enjoy getting back into the game (if that is your intention)!

Delthos Inactive Member07 Jan 2013 9:39 a.m. PST

Not getting back into the game, just digging out old stuff that I've had packed away for years. Planning to sell things and want to make sure I had the correct names. My group of friends have all moved away and I don't know anyone else who plays, so it's time to get rid of them. Thanks for the info.

BigNickR07 Jan 2013 9:41 a.m. PST

Failure16 beat me to this… and is right on all counts.

The wolverine is a solid design, and used by every inersphere power, but shunned by the clans because it shares a name with the pariah clan. 55 tons weight-class is one of the "sweet spots" for maximizing the efficiency of your design under the design rules. To my knowledge there isn't a BAD one in the class, only a mediocre one (the scorpion) and that's more because it's a Quad than anything else.

The enforcer is also a classic. It has paper-thin rear armor but is a solid design that fills out all lances well. Good mech for a "trooper" less so for a "player character" if you're running a campaign.

Canis is a clan mech, from an era I don't play often. It is a "second line" mech, (meaning it occupies in the battletech mythos a role something between that of a penal unit and a national guard force.) This said even SECOND LINE clan equipment is vastly superior to the FRONT LINE equipment of the innersphere. Lowly regarded misfits at the end of their career would get forcibly assigned to it and forgotten and left to rot. Said pilots would be desperate for an "honorable death". If captured by an Inner sphere force fielding the two above mechs, it would likely be the CENTERPIECE of their unit until they either ran out of spares for it, or it was blown to pieces.

Looking to sell or looking to use them?

BigNickR07 Jan 2013 9:43 a.m. PST

ah.. selling. Too bad. Battletech is a good game

Sajiro Inactive Member07 Jan 2013 10:14 a.m. PST

That Wolverine needs some antenna and a primer coat. Then some paint; bright red with an orange hightlight. Pick out the details then hit with a wash. A few House Kurita and 5th Sword of light decals followed by matt seal spray. Base to taste and your done. After all that it would fit in perfectly with Sorrenson's Sabre's company I already own.

After 20+ years I still love Battletech.

Delthos Inactive Member07 Jan 2013 10:54 a.m. PST

Yeah, I like it as well, but not enough to keep these without a group to play games with. I will be putting these up in the Marketplace soon.

BigNickR07 Jan 2013 1:31 p.m. PST

Sajiro is incorrect. What that needs is a nice LIGHT BROWN/TAN overcoat with a nice dark "Dip", some Deneb Light Cavalry decals, a hit of dulcote and a good desert basing.


M1Fanboy07 Jan 2013 1:40 p.m. PST

Both Sajiro and Big Nick are wrong…a blue and white Lyran Guards scheme would look fetching on the Wolverine. Now the Enforcer…paint it that light brown the Davions are fond of….

BigJoeDuke07 Jan 2013 2:53 p.m. PST

All of Sajiro, Big Nick, M1Janbay are wrong…a white paint job, black wonder wash (or equivalent) with a black band on the arms. 23rd Arcturan!

M1Fanboy07 Jan 2013 2:56 p.m. PST

Well, the 23rd is a solid regiment…they are Lyran…

Personal logo Saber6 Supporting Member of TMP Fezian07 Jan 2013 4:50 p.m. PST

only a mediocre one (the scorpion)

I call you out on this! My favorite Recon lance was a Scorpian and 3 Locusts

BigNickR08 Jan 2013 4:31 a.m. PST


I call you out on this! My favorite Recon lance was a Scorpian and 3 Locusts

And that scorpion could be replaced with a griffin or dirvsh and that lance would be almost TWICE as effective

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