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freecloud05 Nov 2012 3:28 a.m. PST

Have been having a go at LaTD with the new Chaos codex, seems to me the easiest way is:

1. CSM is defined in the LATD as an HQ, up 1 Elite, 2 Troops, 1 Fast attack, no heavy support

- HQ: CSM Dark Apostle is my choice as I chose the Word Bearers legion(still to work out how best to trick him out)
- 1 x Elite: Chosen, Terminators, Helbrute seem like best deal, I've gone with an upgunned Helbrute as a 1st incarnation
- up to 2 x CSM squads take 2 I've gone for 7 x CSM squads with a power-weaponed Aspiring Champ
- up to 2 CSM Fast attack Raptors or Bikes? I have Raptors so thats the 1st incarnation of my army

2. Mutants:

Clearly lots of Cultists to take these slots, I've gone for 2 huge 30 man blobs

3. Traitor Guard

- In CSM List: You can take cultists and up-arm to get something like IG without the big guns, "count as" typical conscript squads

- As an Ally: I think this is the best way, as that is the only way to get the Fast Attack (Sentinel, Hellhounds etc) and Heavy Support (Leman Russ, Basilisk) weaponry

4. Daemons

In List:

- Chaos Spawn: could "count as" Daemons
- Heavy Weapons: The Codex allowed the Defiler Daemon Engine, I suspect it would now allow the other land based Daemon Engines (ForgeFiend etc)


If these are taken as the Ally you get more daeom options, but then the GUard reverts to the upgraded Cultists conscript squad option

Chris B Inactive Member05 Nov 2012 6:58 a.m. PST

The Dark Apostle gets to roll twice on the Boon table if he defeats someone in a challenge, so there's a decent chance he might turn into a Daemon Prince and lose any expensive equipment. I'd give him no more than a power weapon and a mark of chaos.
If taking a second HQ doesn't break with your theme, I'd consider a Chaos Lord or Sorcerer to hang with your Dark Apostle. If they are in a unit together they both get the roll twice benefit.
I think Daemon allies help more than Imperial Guard allies.
ForgeFiends, MaulerFiends and Heldrakes are possessed vehicles like the Defiler, so I'd figure they would be fair game.

Another way you could look at reproducing the Lost and the Damned list is by taking an Imperial Guard army with Chaos Space Marine allies…

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