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Thomas Thomas Supporting Member of TMP26 Oct 2012 11:38 a.m. PST

Hordes Army Lists for a Song of Ice and Fire
Book Three: Dragonstone, The Reach and The Stormlands

The following lists are part of my continuing effort to create the armies used in George R. R. Martin's a Song of Ice and Fire. The first rule for successfully creating these armies in miniature is to totally ignore the mini-series. The costuming is quite bad and ignores the detailed and period correct descriptions provided in the books. Martin's knowledge of medieval dress, society and military dynamics is unsurpassed in a fantasy author. About the kindest thing he has said about the mini-series look is "no comment". On a related note the figures produced by Dark Sword are quite good and have benefited from the author's input and even painting guides (he has sent them to the costume people at HBO). Unfortunately as the figures are at least 40mm in size they are much too large for gaming (with a few noted exceptions). They do provide excellent guides as to what the characters should look like.

The third set of lists covers the armies of the Dragonstone, The Reach and The Stormlands. I have included in "[ ]" notes on converting the Lists to DBA or DBM/M. If no notation follows the troop description, assume all troops to be Ordinary Irregulars. Where troops are given as Type A, Type B, the first to be taken must be of Type A and next as Type B and so forth.

The new DBA3.0 rules have an excellent Ally rule which allows you to substitute up to 6 points (3 elements in DBA) from an allied list. Allied elements may only form groups with other allied elements. I've indicated which armies may use allies.

I have included some notes about what figures I used and some painting information. These are meant as suggestions not directives as many fine 28mm figure lines could serve very well including the Perry Brothers, Front Rank, Essex and Foundry. See Ted Naismith's 2010 Ice and Fire calendar for "official" versions of the various castles for inspiration when making Strongholds.

As a general guide figure lines intended for the early Hundred Years War work well for the North, those intended for the latter years of the Hundred Years War work well for the Riverlands and the Erie but the Stormlands and Dragonstone would be better reflected by lines intended for the War of the Roses.

The retinue system is stronger in the southern reaches of Westros and should be reflected by more variety of heraldry and badges. Most of the sworn houses mentioned below would contribute a retinue of a Knight element, a Blade element and a Shooter (generally crossbow). The larger houses would double these proportions (such as the Baratheons). In the south, "great axes" (probably halberds) replace the shield wall of the North and semi-professional pike blocks of the Lannisters.

As to mounting I suggest using 45-50mm deep bases for Mounted, Heroes, and Mages etc. This allows the use of modern 28mm figures which are too large for the old DBA system (meant for Airfix 20mm figures). I normally mount one less figure than called for in the "old" system (so Knights have two figures, Bows three etc.)

Thomas J. Thomas
February 14, 2012

House Baratheon of Dragonstone
Device: Crowned Black Stag within a flaming red heart on a field of gold
Words: Ours is the Fury

1 Knight [(S)] House Hold Knights
[Dismount as Blade(S)]
Make General as King Stannis Baratheon
0-1 Mage Melisandra of Asshai (only if Stannis is Gen)

1-4 Knights The Storm Lords [Dismount as Blade(S)]

2-6 Blades Retainers with Halberds/Axes

2-4 Shooters [Bow] Crossbow, Longbow

0-3 Warband [Aux] Salladhor Sann and his Mercenary Pirates [Ally]

0-1 Sneaker Sendings of Melisandra (only if Stannis is Gen)

0-1 Art Trebuchet (only if Stannis is Gen)

Stronghold: Dragonstone Allies: House Stark (Clans only); Night's Watch (v. Others or Wildlings only); House Tyrell

I used Bretonians and Perry Brother WoR figures for Stannis. Stannis' retainers can be depicted with the traditional Baratheon black stag on a field of gold but many of the knights have taken to adding the flaming heart of the new religion to their devices. Major houses sworn to Stannis: Celtigar, Red Crabs on a field of white; Bar Emmon, blue Swordfish on white; Sunglass, a ring of seven golden stars on white; Velaryon, silver seahorse on sea green. Melisandra should be depicted in various shades of red. I used a Bretonian damsel (foot version) to depict the red lady. Her sendings should be depicted as black shadows, basically any odd figure painted black.

Both the last two editions of Bretonian plastic knights have had great helms and shields with stag devices. Decals of stags are available from a number of sources.

As Stannis seems to have the least number of retainers, you should paint many individual elements in the colors of the various sworn houses.

None of the houses attached to Stannis are large enough to form their own list.

House Baratheon of the Stormlands
Device: Crowned Black Stag on a field of gold
Words: Ours is the Fury

0-1 Hero (Gen) King Robert Baratheon (young Robert)

1 Knight [(S)] House Hold Knights
[Dismount as Blade(S)]
Make General as King Robert Baratheon (the fat)
Make General as King Renly Baratheon

0-1 Paladin Brienne of Tarth (only if Renly is General)

3-8 Knights [ O; S] The Knights of Summer [Dismount as Blade(S)]

1-4 Blades Retainers with Halberds

1-4 Shooters [Bow] Crossbow, Longbow

Stronghold: Storm's End Allies: House Tyrell; House Baratheon of Dragonstone (only if Robert is Gen)

I used Bretonians and Perry Brother WoR figures for Robert/Renly. Retainers should be depicted with the traditional Baratheon black stag on a field of gold. Major houses sworn to Robert/Renly: Caron, Black Nightingales on a field of yellow; Dondarrion, Purple forked lighting on black; Estermont, Green sea turtle on field of blue green; Swann, Battling Swans, black and white on reverse field; Trant, Black hanged man on field of blue.

Both the last two editions of Bretonian plastic knights have had great helms and shields with stag devices. Decals of stags are available from a number of sources. Knights on metal barded horses can distinguish the (S) versions or just add variety, use the new Perry Brother mounted men at arms.

You should paint many individual elements in the colors of the various sworn houses.

Due to constant fighting in the Stormlands (against each other, bandits and Dorne) none of the houses attached to are large enough to form their own list. There are many lesser houses whose heraldry can be found in the Green Ronin Campaign Guide.

House Tyrell
Device: Golden (yellow) rose on green
Words: Growing Strong

1-2 Knight [Reg (S)] House Hold Knights
[Dismount as Reg Blade(S)]
Make General as Mace Tyrell

0-1 Hero [Kn(S)] Ser Garlan Tyrell the Gallant
[Dismount as Blade(S)]

0-1 Paladin [Kn(S)] Ser Loras Tyrell, the Knight of Flowers

3-6 Knights [ O; S] Sworn Knights [Dismount as Blade(S)]

1-4 Blades Men at Arms

0-4 Shooters [Bow] Crossbows, Longbow

Stronghold: Highgarden Allies: House Baratheon (any version)

I used a mix of Games Workshop Bretonnians and Empire as well as Perry Brothers for the Tyrells, as they can afford the latest equipment. Revo and the Armory make decal sheets with heraldic roses (they are the same shape as Tudor Roses). The Knight of Flowers wears ornate armor with rose decorations on the armor and horse trappings. He has flowing curly brown hair. Both he and Garland sometimes add additional roses to their personal devices (two for second son Garland and three for third son Loras).

Major houses sworn to the Tyrells: Florent, red fox in a circle of blue flowers on ermine Fossoway, red apple on gold; Hightower, white tower on grey; Redwyne, burgundy grapes on blue; Rowan, golden tree on silver; Tarly, red huntsman on green; Varner, white weasel on ermine;

Any of the major houses can field its own army by using the Tyrell list but drop named characters. There are many other minor houses which can be found in the role-playing games by Green Ronin as well as many internet sites.

KTravlos Supporting Member of TMP26 Oct 2012 12:14 p.m. PST

Great job!

Brigadier General26 Oct 2012 3:57 p.m. PST

This is good stuff. Thank you for your efforts.

Madan Mitra27 Oct 2012 1:39 a.m. PST

Hi Thomas,

These look good, where are the rest? Would like to see them too.

I'm planiing to build an army or two and this is a perfect guide to make the decesion on which one I want to go ahead with.



Personal logo Bobgnar Supporting Member of TMP01 Nov 2012 10:35 a.m. PST

Good for a game at Emily and Daniel's engagement party.

Thomas Thomas Supporting Member of TMP01 Nov 2012 1:14 p.m. PST


The other two books are already on the Miniature page (skroll down).

I'm working on additional books now…

(Also playtesting DBA3.0 and working on melding 3.0 and HOTT…)


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