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The Renaissance Message Boards allows members to share their thoughts in the Renaissance period.

There are currently 16 Renaissance message boards.

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Age of Sail - For discussion of the war at sea during the Age of Sail.
Classical Asian Warfare - For discussion of anything related to Asian wargaming in the Ancients, Medieval and Renaissance periods.
DBx - For discussion of the DBx family of rulesets (DBA, DBM, DBR, HotT, etc.).
English Civil War - For discussion of anything related to the English Civil War.
Field of Glory - For discussion of the Field of Glory family of rules.
Galleys - For discussion of galley warfare from Ancient through Renaissance periods.
Pirates - For discussion of anything related to Golden Age of Piracy - from around 1520 (the first permanent colonies in the new world) to 1720.
Principles of War - For discussion of anything related to the Principles of War family of rulesets.
Renaissance Battle Reports - For the sharing of gaming write-ups.
Renaissance Discussion - For discussion of anything related to Renaissance wargaming.
Renaissance Gallery - Post your links here to wargaming pictures.
Renaissance Media - For the discussion of books, films, music, and other wargaming-related media involving the Renaissance.
Renaissance Painting Guides - For discussion of the correct colors for Renaissance figures and equipment.
Renaissance Product Reviews - For the discussion and review of Renaissance figures and wargaming products.
Renaissance Scenarios - For sharing and discussing scenarios.
Swashbuckling - For discussion of anything related to swashbuckling and wargaming, from the Renaissance through the Napoleonic period.