The Details


"What's a Banner?"

A banner is a small graphic - a piece of art - advertising a particular product or service. When we display your banner on one of our webpages, we attach code to it which takes a reader to your website if he clicks on the banner. For instance, here is a sample of banner art:

a sample banner at maximum height

Technical Specifications: All banners must be no more than 750 pixels wide, and no more than 100 pixels in height. Art files in .bmp, .jpg, and .gif formats are acceptable for submission. Recommended maximum file size is 80K (we'll accept larger sizes, but readers might not wait around for them to download...).

If you need help coming up with art for a banner ad, we might be able to help. We're not graphic artists, but we can do simple tasks such as scanning art, changing sizes, and converting between file formats.

"Who Will See My Banner?"

We "filter" our banner ads so that they only appear on webpages which are appropriate for that advertisement. While readers like ads, WWII gamers often don't want to see banners advertising orcs and dragons, and science-fiction gamers may have little interest in the American Civil War! We rate each banner ad as to whether it is appropriate for the following categories:

  • fantasy
  • ancients
  • medieval
  • renaissance
  • 18th Century
  • Napoleonics
  • American Civil War
  • 19th Century
  • World War One
  • World War Two
  • Modern
  • science fiction
  • toy gaming (plastic soldiers, stuffed animals)

Our webpages are also rated by the same categories. This means that a banner ad for Napoleonic figures will appear on an article about Napoleonic cannon (for instance), and not an article about spaceships.

Some of our webpages are rated as "general," meaning that they are of interest to all miniature gamers. All banner ads qualify to appear on general webpages. For example, our Manufacturers Directory is rated as "general interest," so all banners qualify to appear on those webpages.

Your banner ad has a chance of appearing on any webpage that belongs to the same category, as well as a chance of appearing on all of the "general interest" webpages.

(Note: Some of our older webpages do not yet accept banners. As we continue to update the website, those pages will be categorized and will carry banner advertising.)

"What Types of Advertising Do We Accept?"

Our General Rule is: "If we think our readers will be interested in it, then that's an acceptable advertisement."

For instance, we know our readers like:

  • miniatures
  • rules
  • paint and craft supplies
  • game-assistance software
  • painting services
  • military books and game-related fiction
  • game conventions and shows
  • fantasy, science-fiction, and military-themed computer and video games
  • fantasy, science-fiction, and military-themed art
  • game clubs
  • wargaming websites and blogs
  • auction sites that handle wargaming items

This website is visited by gamers of all ages. Therefore, we prefer ads that are appropriate for all age groups. We do not accept advertisements for "adult" or "erotic" miniatures.

"How Often Will My Banner Be Seen?"

Over the past week, we displayed an average of 59715 banner ads per day. The number of times your banner ad is displayed is known as the number of Impressions it has made.

Your banner ad has a chance of appearing whenever someone reads a page of a matching category. Therefore, how often your ad will be viewed is partly a function of how popular its categories are.

Impressions By Category
categoryper daypercentage of total
Historical - Ancients52089%
Historical - Medieval42587%
Historical - Renaissance45388%
Historical - 18th Century50819%
Historical - Napoleonics740712%
Historical - American Civil War36256%
Historical - 19th Century577910%
Historical - WWI50178%
Historical - WWII, Land948816%
Historical - WWII, Sea28695%
Historical - WWII, Air26144%
Historical - Modern682011%
Science Fiction950016%
Toy Gaming18593%
Data taken from past week. Since pages often belong to more than one category, the percentages will add to more than 100 percent.

Viewership also depends on how many banner ads qualify for the same categories that your ad does. Each time one of our webpages is displayed, it is as if a "drawing" is held to determine which banner is to be shown. For example, let's say that the page is about WWII, and that there are 50 banners available that advertise WWII-related gaming products. Your banner has a one-in-fifty chance of appearing whenever a WWII-related page is viewed.

Banners By Category
value of next multiple
(estimated impressions/day)
Historical - Ancients31916
Historical - Medieval33713
Historical - Renaissance28816
Historical - 18th Century31016
Historical - Napoleonics30424
Historical - American Civil War31112
Historical - 19th Century30719
Historical - WWI27918
Historical - WWII, Land47020
Historical - WWII, Sea15618
Historical - WWII, Air12820
Historical - Modern32321
Science Fiction32329
Toy Gaming15612
Data is current. Estimates are "rough," and are made using past week's data with the assumption of one more banner added to the advertising database. Numbers will change when additional banners are added to or subtracted from any category.

Advertisers may choose to increase the odds of their banner being seen by purchasing a multiple for any banner. For instance, a multiple of "2x" means that the banner counts as if it were 2 banners when the random selection process picks a banner to display, roughly doubling your chances of being seen.

The following table shows how our advertisers are making use of multiples. For instance, the current banner with the highest multiple has a value of 112x, and there are 190 banners in the system with the lowest multiple (1x).

Multiples Per Banner
112x1 banner
30x1 banner
11x1 banner
10x7 banners
8x2 banners
7x5 banners
6x1 banner
5x18 banners
4x15 banners
3x28 banners
2x65 banners
1x190 banners

The next table shows how many banners each of our advertisers has:

Banners Per Advertiser
13 banners1 advertiser
7 banners1 advertiser
6 banners4 advertisers
5 banners3 advertisers
4 banners4 advertisers
3 banners13 advertisers
2 banners21 advertisers
1 banner178 advertisers
Average334 active banners
225 advertisers

1.48 banners per advertiser

And finally, how many multiples each advertiser has:

Multiples Per Advertiser
131 multiples1 advertiser
30 multiples1 advertiser
25 multiples1 advertiser
18 multiples1 advertiser
16 multiples1 advertiser
15 multiples1 advertiser
14 multiples1 advertiser
13 multiples1 advertiser
12 multiples1 advertiser
11 multiples1 advertiser
10 multiples7 advertisers
9 multiples3 advertisers
8 multiples6 advertisers
7 multiples4 advertisers
6 multiples4 advertisers
5 multiples12 advertisers
4 multiples10 advertisers
3 multiples19 advertisers
2 multiples45 advertisers
1 multiple105 advertisers
Average834 multiples
225 advertisers

3.71 multiples per advertiser

We reserve the right to limit manufacturers to a maximum number of banners and/or multiples, so that all advertisers have fair access to our readership. The current maximum, which is based on the total size of the advertising pool, is 84 multiples per advertiser.

"How Effective is a Banner Ad?"

The effectiveness of an advertisement depends on a wide number of factors, including graphic appeal, relevance to the readers, how compelling or fresh it is, and so forth. One measure of the success of a banner ad is its click-through rate - that is, out of all the times the banner is shown, how often do readers click on the banner in order to go to the advertiser's website?

The average click-through rate for all of our banner ads is 0.66% - that is, one click-through per every 152 impressions. The best advertisement in the system has a click-through rate of 1.34%, while the least successful is at 0%.

"How Long Will My Banner Run?"

Once you place an order for an advertising banner, we will run that advertisement until you ask us to stop or replace it.

"How Will I Know How My Banner Is Doing?"

Each advertiser has access to a private webpage where they can view the statistics for all of their advertisements. Total impressions, total click-throughs, and current charges are displayed for each banner. At the bottom of the page is an account summary. An automatic invoice can be requested via email through your account page at any time.

"What Will It Cost Me?"

We charge 15 cents (U.S.) per day per banner, which works out to be just under US$5 per month per banner. If you buy a multiple for your banner, the cost increases proportionately - if your multiple is "3x," then your cost will be tripled. The cost of a banner has no relation to the number of categories it qualifies for.

Payment is required in U.S. dollars. Invoices are sent at the end of the month for all accounts with a balance of US$30 or higher. (You can also request an automated invoice at any time, through your personal advertising webpage.) We prefer to send invoices via email. If you need to receive a written invoice, we charge a US$2 fee per invoice for processing. Payments sent directly to us must be in the form of a check or money order.

Alternately, payment may be made using the PayPal system. This allows you to pay for advertising using a credit card, and - for the benefit of our non-USA advertisers - avoids the onerous charges associated with international banking.

There is a US$5 per month "late fee" charge for unpaid balances.

Special arrangements can be made to pay in product instead, at a rate of 2:1 (in other words, 30 cents' worth of product credit per banner multiple per day). Such arrangements must be approved in advance.

"How Do I Start?"

Click here to place an order for advertising. You will be asked to fill out some basic information. When you are done, our advertising system will send you an automatic email to confirm the order. Respond by attaching the art for your banner advertisement, and we'll handle the rest!

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